Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I used to love ASOS but then started to find their products werent as good quality and the sizing was all over the place and I would end up sending more things back and gaining credits. Im too lazy for all that. My hairdresser is obessessed with ASOS and last week when I was getting my hair done she was talking about all of these clothes she'd brought which was enough for me to jump back online and check it out.

There was a few items of clothes that I saved for later but found this bag.
This one is called the "Warehouse Paddlock Shopper"
I need a bag thats not too big because my biggest issue now is that I can fit everything into my current bag and its rediculious. I trawl through my bag to find my MYKI and Keys that are lost between makeup, headphones, hair brushes, tissues.. hahah really disgusting.
So I figure the smaller the better.
I've paid for express shipping so it should arrive either today or tomorrow.
Whats your biggest issue with handbags that you have?


  1. Ah, same issue.... Can fit TOO much into any of my handbags ... It ends up being like a lucky dip. I have tried to conduct a handbag 'stocktake' where everything gets cleaned out, compartmentalised etc... But a week later I'm always back to square one!
    Can't wait to see the purchase!

  2. Hahaha I have the same problemo with my bag... Digging stuff out of the random tissues !!!

    I have never tried ASOS believe it or not... I hear a lot from ppl that sizing is weird so I just can't be bothered risking it.


    Ps shall def blog soon!!! :)

    1. Dont stay away from ASOS just because of the sizing..maybe try buying one in one size first just to see.. good thing is you can get a refund!

  3. I'm SO picky with bags that I only have 2 on rotation. My LV Neverfull and a cheapo small shoulder bag. But doesn't matter how neat I am, I have a collection of crap I don't need in there all the time.

  4. I have been told that I am possibly the most messiest person in my bag.
    I dont think you have seen in my bag and I dont think you want too. Its like a travelling chemist/beauty warehouse....

  5. That looks like a small Birkin bag! Gorgeous. I hate my everyday work bag because I have to carry my laptop and its massive which means I have the same issue of losing stuff!

    x Eve

  6. Totally just bought that bag. Thought I'd seen it somewhere before!!! Oops! :)

    1. Did you!! Argh I love it.. It's probably been on of my best purhcases so far :)