Friday, November 2, 2012


Lastnight we had a work function at Sho Noodle Bar in Crown.

The food was unbelievably good and how all asian meals start off.. we had dumplings!
We had soup dumplings which I adore.. They are just SO damn tasty... also we stuffed our faces with  Pork & Seafood dumplings.
I couldnt decide what to order for my main because without photos I always imagine the food will come out different to what it actually does. (Trust me I've been caught out way too many times!)
So I went with something that I could read/understand haha.
Gong Bao Chicken - Which is wok-fried chicken with chilli, peanuts and chinese vingar.
So delicious and wasnt too spicy.
It was a long night and when our MD said he wanted to race up and down the stairs to see who would win we decided to call it a night.
Wise move.
Is this the cutest "trick or treat" bag you've seen!?
My Boss is American - Enough said.
Did you celebrate Halloween?
I went to the Beauty House in Port Melbourne last week to stock up a range of skin care products as my skin has been really dry recently and I was fed up with it. I ended up leaving with 5 different lots of creams and moistures I'll report back.
Thankgod the weekend - How many of you are taking the Monday off work aswell to make it an extra long weekend? Sadly I am not!

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