Monday, November 5, 2012


I dont know why I didnt take today off work. Hardly any of my clients are working today so I'm stuck working with all the interstate ones. Not to mention there is only 3 of us in the office today.
Friday night I went to SouthWharf on the way home.
Mimco had a massive sale on, personally I think that massive SALE sign has been there since the shop opened but hey I wont judge.
I also went to Dotti. I love sequins there is no denying that - they make any outfit go from nothing to something but yet they are so simple. I brought this top which was on sale and scored it for $20.
I am still adding new furniture and trying to get our apartment looking schmik.
I went to Snooze on Saturday morning and found this AMAZING bed - Its actually the bomb and has a tv that remotely folds away into the foot of the bed. $2,500. I was so tempted to layby but it's on back order until April/May of next year. which bites.
Also DARE Gallery had these gorgeous mirror draws on sale for $200.
I love house shopping its just the best!
Yesterday I went to Southland to visit MYER - I must of been having a blonde moment because I swear that I had previously been to the MAC counter there - apparently not! I arrived and couldnt find it only to be told there isnt one. My bad.
Instead I went to the Revlon counter because I couldnt be assed heading back into the city or venture across to Chadstone - This lady was possibly the worst sales assistant that I had EVER come across. She had enough makeup caked on her face, had a mouth full of food and had less motivation than a balloon with no air. I asked her if she could suggest a colour for my skintone as I wasnt familiar with the Revlon range and she looked at me and said "Right. Well take a seat, I guess I need to try some colours on you.. Hopefully it wont take long we close soon"
I ended up purchasing a bottle of their colour stay which the assistant says "lasts 24 hours"yet on the bottle says "16  hours max" argh. I am trying this new Toni & Guy shampoo as my hair needs some major loving at the moment. Have you used it before?
Melbourne cup tomorrow.
Are you heading to the races?


  1. I swear I posted that same bed on my blog back in like Feb - it was $3500 back then and we decided against it for many reasons, but I still think it is ultra cool!

  2. I always thought that Southwharf was a discount outlet building?
    Do like that furniture area!

  3. We need to go to Chapel street MAC with tina..... next time you want to go tell me! She gets discounts too! Those mirrored chest drawers are amazing !!!!

  4. that chest of drawers is amazing ... and for $200!

  5. I dont know why I bothered coming into work today as well - I have spent the day browsing online stores, reading blogs and eating at my desk. And I've only taken about 6 calls. Ah, the life of a receptionist. lol

    I was in port melb yesterday and thought of you...what a beautiful area to live in! Less hectic than St Kilda thats for sure! Funny that you were down at southland yesterday - thats my usual hangout!

    1. It's beautiful hey! You should of come and said hello..

  6. Hi hol,

    The photoready by revlon is I what I use and I have to say its the bomb! It hides any imperfections and lasts all day!

    Bad sales ladies are the worst! Just makes the experience a let down.

    I haven't gone to south wharf in ages looks like you found some good bargins :)

    1. Thanks kitty!! You basically did the sales assistant job without getting paid for it! IV been using it for a couple of days an so far so good! It's very light on which I like!