Monday, October 1, 2012


I got to work this morning only to realise that all of my clients/colleauges in SA, NSW, WA all have a day off today. I think its time that I move interstate.
I also havent had a coffee yet which also might be adding to my irritation.
We had a in-house competion last week at work and I won a bottle of Pinot Noir (Lets just say this bottle is now empty) - Im not usually a fan of red wine but this went down a treat.
Dont judge me for my chocolate/candy overhaul last week - but it is what it is.

Remember 50 shades of grey? I'm just finishing mine now haha I'm the slowest reader in the world but I've also been mixing and matching it with reading Kris Jenners book which is slightly awkward because when I pick up Kris's book I'm half expecting some raunchy story about her and Bruce.
My mind is playing tricks on me.

 I'm a little bit excited today because I get to interview a C-List Celebrity well I dont even know if you'd call her a celebrity? She is an old big brother housemate that turned the house up side down.
Obviously for privacy reasons I cannot say who but woohoo!

I have been really digging the red lipstick of late.


Whats your favourite MAC colour?


  1. Do you have an office in QLD too? This year they have a public holiday as well!

    Bring on Melbourne Cup Day I say!

    1. We did but not any more.. but I work all across AUS so its a quiet day for me today ;)

  2. Ha! My day has been so cruisy because my clients are also interstate! yay for me. Prob not so Yay tomorrow when they will bombard me!!!

    My fav is Ruby Woo & Russian Red. I don't really know any others! I think my sisters is called 'Angel' but its like that pale pink and does not suit me at all.

    I think Ruissian Red is on the left hand side? What are the colours?

    - KK

  3. Did you buy all those Mac lipsticks? :)
    What a haul.

  4. LOVE red lipstick too! I've never been into it before but I've been loving it lately. My favourite MAC lipsticks at the moment are Ruby Woo and So Chaud, but I've always been a Kinda Sexy fan as a good neutral shade for every day!

  5. omg, so many gorgeous MAC lipsticks! Congrats on the interview.

  6. Fav MAC lippy is Ruby Woo! You also seem to have Girl About Town, right? What are the other two?

    And how interesting is Mr. Grey? 50 Shades Darker is even better!!!