Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I managed to get around and put a few bits and pieces on e-Bay its not healthy to have a 2nd (Which was meant to be out spare room) full of clothes and never wear them! So I started listing a few items last night. I find it so painful haha.
Knock yourself out.. I'll be listing some items coming this week as I think D is about to make me move out because he cannot access the 2nd bedroom and drives him nuts.
Quiet frankly I think its fine.
Speaking of fashion.. The brownlows where on tv last night I made sure I was home in time to watch it. Just putting it out there Rebecca Judd really needs to eat something! She almost looks straight besides the odd bone poking out - dont get me wrong I think she is absoultey stunning but someone please give her a cheeseburger.

Brynne always provides me with a laugh - she is one in a million with what comes out of her mouth and what she wears. I know she comes out with some cray outfits but I think lastnight she took the cake - She also looked like she felt uncomfortable while being interviewed.
I thought the red carpet this year wasnt that spectacular I was so thankful they didnt make the girls stand on that horrid spinning circle like last year but I didnt think there was anyone was looked amazing - Who do you think looked the best?
The weather has been so nice this week and I've been hearing rumors that thursday is meant to be 27 degrees? I dont have alot of faith in this afterall I do live in Melbourne but hey I'll take it.
 I am addicted to Ice-Tea espeically in summer I actually brought one with my lunch today.
It was perfection.


  1. Yum ! i love ice tea, i am a junkie hehehehe lipton brought out a whole range of like cocktail flavors recently too like mojito !! Seriously so good. I've always been a fan of Brynne, she has like unshakable confidence & seems very down to earth :)

  2. i want the capri pants but my fat thighs wont fit

    Have you tried the new flavours for lipton tea? Pina Colada, Mojito and daiquiri? They're on sale at coles this week 2 for $5 - i think i'll try them

  3. I agree, Bec has been looking really skinny lately. She was already super thin, so i dont understand why she wanted to lose even more weight.

    I hate listing items for ebay too! I have a whole heap of stuff that I pulled out months ago but never started =/

  4. hahaha and we did make it ... 27!! heat wave ... however apparently storms on the weekend.. wahhhh!

    I thought exactly the same about bec judd. The judd's had really odd body language on the red carpet. It has made me wonder if something isn't quite right there... or is it just me?!

    as for bec and the weight loss... ridiculous!

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  7. Black swan meets disco ball .... Oh wowwwwwwww

  8. i loveee that ice tea too!!! it's so yummy :)!!! i need to clear out some of my closet too.. it's always so hard to part w/ ones things!!

  9. I love that TopShop jumper, but I'm not a size 6 or 8 :( my loss.
    Ahhh Brynne - gotta love her..