Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yes, I am dating one of those crazy iphone5 addicts. Friday morning at 6am I turned over to see Dim wide awake he was so excited about the iPhone, lucky for us we didn't have to contend with the likes of Chadstone or Southland and weren't lined up for 12 hour before hand he was having his phone delivered to work but needed to pick up the nano sim from the telstra store.

We ended up leaving home at 7am - despite the store opening at 8am.
Coffee.. when times are tough you are there.

I didnt bother to hang around and see the excitement but apparently at 7.50am about 17 or so people where lined up out the front of the store!  Did you see the crazies too?

I got a message from D around midday saying that TNT (Black listing this company!) had failed to deliver his parcel and the reason was that nobody was home. D's work is open from 7am and manned by 3 different reception staff so we weren't too sure what the courier had been smoking! After several attempts of being transferred around the TNT customer service helpline I was taken back to reception and told "It wasn't her problem and that I needed to go and pick up the phone from Tullamarine" .. Customer Service eh!? Each time we have used TNT something has gone wrong.

Issues aside we collected the phone from the depot on Saturday morning!
I dont know what my thoughts are on the iphone5 its alot bigger than mine but its so much lighter.. I'll most likely eventually get one but for now I'm happy with my ole faitfhful.

I think we are turning into the Apple family bcos on Saturday afternoon I brought an iPad !!!

I am in love with it! Its so easy to use and naw i just love it! After trying to haggle with the young kid at JB-HIFI I went elsewhere and brought it for a better price. you snooze you lose.

What are some fun ipad apps!?

I still havent decided on what I'm going to wear to the wedding thats coming up in 3 weekends.
I has a little snoop around Birds Nest but nothing!?


  1. I'm slightly obsessed with Apple stuff, so clean and sleek! I think I'm getting the 5 in a few weeks YAY.

  2. Ipad is addictive with its no cords, no fuss attitude lol.

  3. YAY! How good is the iPad?! My laptop has become totally redundant since my iPad came to live with me. Best!

  4. Have fun with the new toy! They're certainly a lot of fun to play with and I found the best was using it to read books while travelling :)