Friday, October 12, 2012


Friday its friday! - I have that dreadful Rebecca Black song in my head. Not impressed!
Today was the first time that I had used Dry Shampoo.. I was actually impressed with how my hair reacted to it. It was pretty easy to use aswell spray onto the roots of my head and leave for about 2 minutes and then brush it out and style as per normal. I brought this one from the supermarket for $12.95
Earlier this week I was in the chemist picking up a script and I always without a doubt get sidetracked by the little things besides and around the counter (Im like a little kid!) I got heavily involved looking at their nailpolishes and then little did I realise I was actually digging half way through their little stand before I noticed staff looking at me weird. So I stopped hahahahaha.
I brought this one by Revlon "405" Peachy.
Excuse my white hands in our loungeroom light its not the best but you can also see the colour in the first photo. Ive warmed to it as its not fluro and its not orange!
$12.00 from the chemist although it was in a clearance bin but didnt realise I'd paid full price until I was home. Fail.

I often look at my tighs and think to myself why are you so big, but then I realised that its my own fault when I can gleefully eat a whole quater of a mousse cake. This baby was so delicious words cannot describe.

Dims family arrvies tonight and we have the wedding tomorrow so it'll be a full on weeekend no doubt I'm annoyed at the weather being a top of 16 degrees. Talk about freezing!

Have a fun weekend!


  1. mmm that mousse cake looks yummmmmmmy

  2. Im glad the dry shampoo worked well for you. I use Bastise (I forgot how its spelled exactly), and they also have a range for brunettes!

    Your thighs are not big woman!!! silly =P

  3. I used dry shampoo for ages before realising that baby powder does exactly the same job and is 10 times cheaper, not to mention less smellier! :P

    lol at the mousse cake... that does look pretty divine!

  4. Oh god if your thighs are big I can't imagine what mine are then!
    I agree with Krissy, baby powder does the same thing, makes you smell nice too.

  5. I find that the best dry shampoo is batiste aswell. I think its totally better than Cedel .... !!

  6. That cake looks delish! Can't wait to read/see pics of the wedding!

  7. My favourite Dry Shampoo is Batiste- if you like the Cedel give it a go. The only one I've ever hated was the Treseme Fresh Start. I found it did nothing- in fact it made my hair feel worse!
    P.S your thighs aren't big lol

  8. Hi hol!

    Your being ridiculous about the thighs comment! I am ignoring it! U know u look good! Own it!

    ..... That orange you picked is awesome. Looks good on you too! I get sidetracked with those bargin bins in the chemist as well... U never know what you can find!

    Many of my friends have used dry shampoo. I like the idea of it... Does it get rid of the greasy feeling too if u have dragged out the hair wash too long? Does it really feel like u have washed your hair? In curious. Xx

  9. That mousse cake looks delicious! I love the Batiste brunette dry shampoo.