Sunday, October 14, 2012


I am so exhausted this weekend has been full on! As you guys know we had D cousins wedding. Dims parents arrvied around midnight on friday so we had a late night catching up.

I ended up putting some extensions in my hair for some extra volume..looking back at this I miss my long hair!!  My hair dresser is the bomb an made it look so natural. I ended up wearing a blue lace dress from ladahk, black and gold Alice Mcall waist belt and nude Tony Bianco platform pumps.

The wedding was at 2.30 in South Melbourne surprisingly the weather wasn't as cold as I was expecting and the rain held out until just after we came out of the church hahaha then we all made a run for the car.

The South Melbourne Greek church is so amazing inside - I almost took more photos of the church than the wedding hahaha.. Only kidding. The reception was at Riva in St.Kilda and the back drop was stunning, we got to watch the sunset go down over the ocean.
The wedding was really beautiful it was a small intimate wedding with about (60?) people mainly the grooms family and the brides friends.

It was so good catching up with everyone again.
My favourite part of a wedding is listening to the speeches - The Groom (Ds cousin) and the bride both made speeches the brides was really touching as was the best mans speech!
Below is Ds two aunties and his mum next to me in Pink.

As you can tell by the quality of the photos.. the longer the night went on the messier everyone got..  there was so much alcohol and minimal food (The food was served on platters and everyone on the table helped themselves the food that they served was so delish).

Not many of you can say that they hit up the dance with their (future) mother in law.. but I did all night haha..It was such a beautiful wedding we danced away with the rain pouring down outside!

The beautiful couple!

        We ended up getting home just after 1am and I remember walking out of the reception and  
     realizing it was pouring rain tried to run to the car which was parked so far away then realizing I
  had huge heels on and that wasn't going to work so well. Good news was I wasn't too hung over this
          morning! Wine doesn't have a huge affect on me but champagne is my weakness.

We all went out for a recovery breakfast to the velvet bar on Bay Street.

American omlette with choritzo and a hash-brown on the side was enough to soak up all the left over alcohol floating around my system.

Whats your favourite hang over cure?


  1. Looks like it was a great wedding :-)

    You hair looked amazing too! Great extensions!

  2. Lovely pics, your hair looks stunning!
    Blue gatorade is definitely my instant hangover cure, it works without fail every time.

  3. Some people on my facebook attended this wedding too.

    We checked out the Sth Melb church to have our wedding there as they have a lovely english speaking priest who would have allowed a serbian orthodox wedding, but ended up finding another church.

    1. Oh really? There was about 4 different weddings there on Saturday!

      Ft Chris the priest at sth melbourne is amazing! The service was half greek and half English which was great!

  4. You two looked gorgeous:)
    Hmmm, could do with a hangover cure after this weekend. My cure is to wake up really early, throw down two litres of water, neurogenic and porridge, then go back to bed for another hour or so.

    1. Thanks :)
      Oh..porridge!? really I dont know if I'd be able to stomach somthing like that!! I'll try it next time :)

  5. It's wedding season..... Love the hair! Gosh they did add heaps of volume.. now i want some too.

  6. Aw what a great post. I love your dress - its so simple yet so wedding-appropriate!
    I saw like 3 wedding cars on my drive into the city on Saturday... must have been the day for weddings haha

    and your hair looks great btw...i thought it was already long!

    1. It is still long but its been longer but then I had it cut..haha

  7. Sounds like such a great night! And your hair looked AMAZING!!!

  8. you look gorgeous! looking at your photos makes me miss my long hair too! haha

    looks like a gorgeous wedding <3

  9. You look gorgeous and dims mother - WOWZA~!!! You wouldn't believe she was old enough to have a son legal enough to date :P

  10. You look amazing Holly! Your hair is absolutely stunning and I like the dress you ended up choosing :) Dim's mum is so young and gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks! haha yeah his mum def doesnt look her age!!

  11. Lovely outfit!

    Didn't the Red YSLs look good with the dress?

    So wanted to see them on! Love Love Love any Tributes. I bought a pair last week but they are the 5.5 inch and don't know if I'll regret it. hahaha. :S

    OHHHHH I just remembered what I also wanted to ask you - I remember you boguht an A1 Audi - how are you finding it? I'm on the hunt for a new car! I have a gold and love it dearly but wondering if I should venture out and get something diff!

    - KK

  12. Hi, great post. The wedding looked like so much fun. Your hair looks great. What type of extensions do you use? Are they Luxy?