Monday, December 3, 2012


I had the most relaxing weekend hence why I'm feeling so alive this morning! Yesterday I suprised myself and got up just after 8 and headed down to the gym for abit of cardio. It killed and I realised just how un-fit that I had become.

By 12 I had gone to the gym, had all my clothes washed and out to dry, the house was clean, my bed was made and I had this sudden urge to go shopping. I didnt feel like heading out to southwharf so I figured I'd just go and see what Bay St had to offer. I think must be because we have hit December but I was expecting most of the shops to be closed but they were all open and it was sunday!
Happy Days.
There is this trendy shop called Jaggers Closet it actually has 80% baby and toddlers clothes but have recently started to stock womens fashion as well. I tried on this Peplum top. I wasnt 100% convienced with the colour comination and stripes so sadly decided against it.
I did however walk away with two other tops.
I also picked up some cute christmas cards and figured i'd get them out of the way early this year.
I was feeling domestic yesterday and decided to make some Protein cookies featuring M&M's pointless combination I know but they taste so bloody good! I also picked up heaps of fresh fruit and veggies while out so my whole week is sorted not to mention I made the best salad lastnight with way too much fetta cheese and lemon zest. Straight to the hips.
I decided to end up getting a canvass printed for our photos and went to The PhotoShop on Bay street to see what they offered. They had a variety of different canvasses ranging from $100+ I havent had a good opportunity to shop around but do you think this is reasonably priced?


  1. I have not been to the gym in so long haha also you should of brought the top i like it

  2. I think that is reallllly expensive for canvas photos. I got one done at kmart about a year ago for our anniversary - super reasonably priced and the quality was excellent.

    1. I'll check it out! I've always wondered about the quality.

  3. I can so eat that salad in 5mins look at all that feta.