Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last night I went to Hollyhock in Port Melbourne for dinner with a friend. I had never been before but we had heard great things about their calamari salad and wanted to try it!
Leather pants
Top shop shirt
Cotton on flats
It was freezing last night so I grabbed my blazer and off I went.

Hollyhock is one of the restaurants down at Station Pier. I ended up ordering "Zatar Lamb Salad' it had fresh goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, red onion and spinach leaves. The best part of all was the goats cheese - I'm a sucker for cheese but I could of eaten this all night! The lamb was so tasty.

Without fail we could not go past the "fat chips' with Aloli. Only annoying thing was that the our chips and mains both came out at the same time.
I have to admit Melbourne's weather has been in fine form this week 4 seasons in one day is how its happening, especially yesterday and this morning - freaking freezing but its not until I'm outside that I realise how cold the wind is and then cannot be bothered going back upstairs to grab a jacket.
I got to work early today after waking up just after 4am this morning and not being able to get back to sleep - I was in the lift by myself this morning so decided to snap this photo which includes my new ASOS bag that I purchased a little while ago!


  1. Love your new ASOS bag, and that pic of the chips is making me sooooooooooooooooo hungry

  2. Chips + aioli = best invention ever. DELICIOUS. I love your new bag, it looks amaaaazing. :)


    1. If they have it on the menu im guarenteed to order it haha!

  3. Hi Hol!

    My friends and I were looking at going to one of the restaurants down station pier. Maybe u are the right person to be asking what's good!? I'm with u .. Cheese is awesome.

    Last outfit with awesome new bag = winner! X

    1. Yes you must go! Id even recommend Hollyhock if you want some good food in a pretty "posh" looking restuarant but can relax.. thats definatly the place!

      Blackbird @ station pier is pretty good too, Iv only been there once before but the food was SO good a little $$ as its only really a cafe but still its worth checking out and they have good wines!

    2. Thanks Hol! I will def go for a wander down there sometime soon! Maybe stop in that cellar for my montevecchio ahahhaa (thats if its not sold out ..booo)

  4. yum ! that zaatar with lamb and goat cheese combination looks amazing ! i love cheese as well ! and zaatar can be delicious with olive oil, bread and cheese !
    super outfits !

  5. Hey cute outfit!
    I'm glad you are getting use out of the ASOS bag - it goes great with everything!
    K x

  6. You look great! As always so I am not surprised!

    I hope Dimi is doing much better. I can't remember if Ive said this or I always think it in my head and forget to ask you!

    - KK xxxx

    1. Thanks Chicken, He's doing OK not better not worse! It'll just be time :) But cannot wait for the christmas break thats for sure! x