Friday, December 28, 2012

XMAS 2012 & CO.

I hope everyone has had a fun, safe and merry christmas.

We left Melbourne last week on Friday morning the last couple of days of work felt like the holidays would never come! I had to clean up my desk and I never realised how much paperwork I hoard
(Im also the worst at filing too so there was no chance of that haha!) To help get me through my final day my colleauges brought me a coffee.. labelled Polly.
Cheers guys.

Saturday night was D's older brothers 30th birthday. In true greek style we had a lamb on the spit and 101 family members come over to help celebrate. I'll admit I wasnt coping to tell with the heat at first, When we arrived it was 40 and for E's bday it was sitting around 42.. Coming from Melbourne where its average is 27.. Yep I was sweating!

I wore black silk scallop shorts
Alice McCall lace print shirt
Alice McCall belt.

 D and I with his little cousin - Shes such a doll.
 Myself and D's mum
Ds YiaYia.
Couples shot.

It was such a good night and I think we ended up pulling it in around 2am. By then the weather had cooled down and I could breathe again.. haha except by this stage I had eaten so much food I could barely move.

For christmas day we went to Ds cousin house.
More food was consumed it was such a nice day (weather wise!) perfect way to spend christmas day.

 More christmas snaps below.

I was a little sad that I wasnt in Melbourne for the Boxing day sales but I didnt miss out! I went online the night before as most sales started at 9pm christmas night and bagged myself some goodies (More on those later) But I did head out with Ds cousin to see what bargains we could find. Novo had some amazing sales on. Did you brave the crowds and go?

 Before I left Melbourne I brought these Bardot shorts. They are called "Yacht club shorts" I love them! They are so damn comfy and hide my booty (Winning!)

Lastnight we headed out on the boat bonus of holidaying along the Murray River. The weather was perfect I wasnt game enough to go on the back on the donut or water skiing but maybe next time hahaha.. Considering all the food that i've consumed over the last few days I decided against it!

Cant wait to catch up on everyone's posts over christmas but hope you're all having a fantastic break!


  1. Such cute outfits. I too have missed the melbourne sales sniff. Have a great nye!

  2. looks like you had an amazing christmas! you look gorgeous x

  3. Gorgeous pics! Looks like you've had an amazing holiday time xx

  4. Your holiday looks fantastic!!! And I DID actually make it to Boxing day sales - i normally do not go until January.
    Love the shorts, I wished that I bought the Forever new scalloped shorts now when they were available.

    1. Oh you should of brought them!! What colour where they? :)

  5. Looks like you had a fab Christmas! Happy New Year and all the best for 2013 x

  6. Looks like you had a really relaxing (though hot) few days! I did indeed brave the crowds on Boxing Day, mainly for the hell of it since I live very close to Chadstone. I only spent $100 and mainly on things for other people! Hope you have a lovely NYE!

    1. I'm thinking of doing all my Xmas shopping next year on Boxing Day haha!! Kudos to you for being brave enough to take on chaddy :) happy NY to you too :)

  7. You are really beautiful. Very nice, honest and welcoming blog.