Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is my final week at work - I finish up on Wednesday.
I dont know if I feel sad or relieved that its over - Id be alot more happier if I knew what my next job would be but thats the whole fun of it..the suspense waiting to find out and besides alot can happen in the next 3 days.

I had my outfit all planned for tomorrow then realised that the fact its raining outside right now may put a damper on things. FML Melbourne you destroy me.
I thought I was getting first hand rejection from my boyfriend this afternoon then realised facetime was working with anyone!

Does this ever happen to you??

Tonight I ventured outside to get some bits and pieces for dinner when I caved in and brought something which is one my weakness..Hot Cross Buns..Oh my heavens they are sooooo damn good! Worst part is there a good solid few weeks until Easter and Ive promised myself not to buy anymore until then. D's YiaYia makes amazing hot cross buns.

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