Monday, February 6, 2012


This weather is a joke.

Saturday - 33degrees
Sunday 30degrees  and then drops to 20?!

We kicked the day off around 11am and went out for breakfast. I was half way into my breakfast when D goes "You realise you didnt take a photo of your breakfast for once?" I was so devo'd.
So now i'll just explain to you what I had. I had sliced mushrooms seasoned with herbs and french toast It was yummy.

This is a signature dish for D whenever we go out for coffee. Straight Espresso two shots/no sugar.

We went to SouthWharf for a little bit as Im on the hunt for a new blender after I accidently smashed mine during our last move.. Hey Im not a good one for packing I thought that putting it ontop of a box not wrapped would be more than enough. Clearly not.

We left around 3pm coming outside to see it had really gotten cloudy back on Bay Street we got faced with these bad boys in the sky

and then wham! It started to pour down rain, thunder and lightening.. We ran for it from bay street all the way home - OK its not far but still when we got home we were drenched.
Then when we got inside our apartment block to make things even more entertaining the lift was down for servicing!? The only other option was 4 flights of stairs..which you had to enter from outside so out into the rain we went. Fair to say I want to move out already lol.

I cannot stand this type of weather, my hair feels the same way I cop frizz hardcore and when my hair isnt happy either am I, but no seriously If it goes from hot to cold its as if my immune system automatically puts its hand up to accept a cold from whoever is kind enough to share theirs.

How was your weekend?


  1. Summer this year has been nothing like the normal summer! very disppointing :(

    Do love that D noticed you didn't take a photo of your breaky haha x

  2. It's been pretty warm here also, but I love it!

  3. Bring on the cold weather !!! leather pants. boots!!! fantastic scarfs and knits!!! wooooo ! BUT NO HUMIDITY ! I hateeeeeeeeeeee it !
    My weekend was greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt I bought a ring and the boyfriend came down from Melbourne.

  4. Sometimes I get too excited about my food and forget to take photos it. Sad but true.

    The weather's been like that here too! Very irritating.