Monday, February 6, 2012


Two blog posts in one day.. Yes its a slow day at work
Only Kidding.

I got a call back this morning from the marketing company to let me know that I have been shortlisted for the role but she is having one other candidate come in for an interview so she is able to bench mark our skills and I'll have an answer on the week of the 13th.  I dont think I can wait that long! Its so frustrating but Carpe Diem.

The Recruitment Company on Bay Street want me to come back their on Wednesday morning for a 2nd an final interview before offer stage - Which is exciting!

Lunch today I went and brought a salad bcos I really couldnt be bothered and also a bottle of Coke Zero I was drinking away until.. I realised the used by date was my birthday!!?

Me being Me assumed that I was going to die ON my birthday, so I messaged D straight away to see what his thoughts on the situation may be.

Of course he disagreed but how ironic!

I really am in no mood to work today, I got to work had a large coffee, took some personal calls RE: Jobs/Interviews. Did about 2 hours of work and then went for lunch. I didnt sleep very well lastnight either so that doesnt help with my productivty levels.


  1. Haha did crack up that you thought you were going to die because of the used by date... Very funny!

    Good to hear about the jobs though!

  2. Oooh, good luck with the jobs - sounds promising I think!

  3. I hope you get the job you want!

  4. Haha! That's so funny.

    Well done with the job. Hopefully they won't keep you waiting long xx