Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My motivation of recent has gone out the window and doesnt seem to be coming back. Im so exhausted and I have no idea why. Work at the moment is starting to drop off and I find myself looking at the clock!! Argh I hate that feeling.
Im over applying for jobs as well, infact Im feeling really flat this week.

On the flip side this morning I went to meet with a client who said work couldnt be fun.
We had a meeting at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe - It was delish I had one of their hot chocolates.

I wanted to take a photo but figured it'd be a bit unproffesional.

I spoke to my manager today and we have agreed that the week of the 27th Feb will be my final week with the business, Ah its creeping up so quickly! Im excited and nervous all at the same time. I got a really lovely email from the HR Director at the marketing company letting me know I am one of the two short listed for the role and will have an answer for me next week.

I had the biggest outfit malfunction this morning, The zip on my pants wouldnt zip!! Im wearing high waisted light brown pants today and they hug around my hips..I was walking back past reception when our receptionist goes, "Your zip is undone!" We spent 5 minutes trying to get it onto the teeth of the zipper again..Would of been the funniest thing to see - Lucky I had a skirt in my desk draw (My god I have so much junk in my desk draws!) So I put that on instead.

Tonight Im heading down to underbelly town' - Lygon Street for dinner with Erin and Jac! Bring on the wine.


  1. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM my zip just broke too ! I just told the lady at work! We were both just laughing. LUCKY I was wearing decent underware cause you can see everything ... pheewwwwww... needless to say we fixed the skirt !
    Dont worry my motivation is out the window too... they have taken all work off me ... and basically I sit around doing filing .. my last day is the 24th.

  2. Yum - I love Lindt hot choccies. Not as good as Max Brenner though :) Lygon Street for yummy pizza and pasta with wine cannot be beaten.

    I think it's totally understandable that you're not motivated at work - not long to go now!

  3. oh thats awkward, haha.
    How exciting about your new chapter in life!

  4. You only need to look at last week to see why you're exhausted. Poor hun, you need to take some time away from job hunting, go treat yourself to a nice massage or facial. Take your mind off reality for a bit.

    OMG I would be in mind overload if I went to a Lindt cafe! Umm.. one of everything please :)