Saturday, February 4, 2012


Friday I left work early to go to the dentist, It was probably one of the best experiences and yes I did just write that! I had a general clean, general check up and also my free invisalign consultation

 This is a bad photo I know, but I love the look of the dentist that I go to, when you walk in it doesnt even smell/look like a dentist its so relaxing! Like a day spa!

I had my consultation with one of the lovely consultants she said having a quick look at my teeth that I need to straighten up the bottom teeth - Which I already knew and also towards the back of my mouth which I didn't know! So she quoted my work for $9700. They have a special at the moment to get $1500 off so it would come down to around $7K.. They require a $3K deposit and then from then on in its just a monthly payment of $250. I'm actually impressed with that yes its alot of money but I believe its worth it. 

I have decided I will go ahead with it, the technology is amazing they show you how everything will work across the different stages before the work is even started! So you know what the end product will be! I'm going to go to my work up session at the beginning of March. I'm going to save a little bit before I jump into it!


  1. Holy crap that is SO expensive! I'm all for getting Invisalign but I *highly* recommend getting another consult at a different dentist - just to see what they say :-) And if its the same price elsewhere then just go back to where you were going to go in the first place.

    1. That is alot, but there is lot involved they don't just give you the braces/plate and then there you go! you go back every 3 months to get a new one made up and put in place to ensure your teeth are moving correctly etc.. I have a friend who works in another dental clinic and she said that quote was pretty standard. To be honest I have thought about going to another dental clinic for a quote but then I;d need to pay again for new xrays and they'd need to get all of my dental history etc I just felt it wasn't worth it and Ive been going to my dental studio now for a long time and have grown to trust them! Its a fairly new thing on the market and considering that the metal braces are still available with invisalign you're opting to have the invisible version so that alone is going to be a cost, the price of my work is just a quote she said it wont exceed that but until I have my work up done which is specific to my needs I wont know for sure.

  2. I had braces about five years ago and then invisalign for a few months after to try and fix one tooth and I am so happy that I did. I am going to get the rest of my wisdom teeth taken out when I get back to Australia just to make sure they stay straight. I say go for it if you can afford it!


  3. Incredibly jealous of your invisalines! :( x

  4. Pretty expensive, but I think teeth are important.

    And $250 a month is a pretty good deal!

    Did they say how long it would take?

    I read a blog about someone's experience with Invisalign and it made me want to get them too!!
    The blog is probably not your style, but she was getting paid to blog her experience so it's very thorough: Picture heavy :)


    This is after she was all done.
    (some videos on it aren't working)