Friday, February 24, 2012


Its friday and I have that Rebecca Black song in my head "..Friday..Friday..Gettin down on Fridays..!" Argh kill me.

Nothing as bad as waking up this morning to a throat that felt like it was filled with razor blades - I knew lastnight when I went to bed that it was hurting a little but didnt think too much of it.
So before I got on the bus this morning I went and brought some Stepsils I really wanted the strawberries ones (I swear I have seen them before?!) But they only had orange. Boo!

On the plus side I did remember that we have casual dress fridays at work now and considering today is my last friday I was pretty proud of myself for remembering!
Im wearing blue zara 3/4 jeans, white basic shirt with a yellow blazer. (Photos to come)

We had a morning tea with our finance department - The girls in there went nutters with baking..but I wasnt complaining! There was scones, dumplings, biscuits. they went all out! and of course whipped cream topped with this amazing tasting Chinese green tea!! I want to get my hands on some of this!

D and I are going out for Dinner tonight - no idea where too but I cannot wait!
What are your weekend plans?


  1. Oh no, hope your sore throat goes away for the weekend :(( So typical isn't it.
    Your morning tea sounds scrumptious, food work finance girls!

    I have a 30th birthday party to go to Saturday night. It's a tuxedo's and tutu theme.. I'll look great as a 35 week pregnant ballerina! And then catching up with my girlfriends on Sunday for a cuppa to relaxxxx!

    Have a lovely weekend hun :)

  2. I'm pretty sure there's strawberry flavoured strepsils! I usually get the ones that have anti-something or rather in them that are eucalyptus flavoured though. I'm not a fan of fake flavoured orange things.

    Mmmm that morning tea sounds delicious, jealous!

  3. Yum, morning tea sounds amazing! I personally can't bare strepsils, the only things I can suck are butter menthol, which is more like a lolly than a throat losenge! I hope your throat feels better xx

  4. We had morning tea too as I told you on IG. This weekend. Flower markets, packing for sydney, mum's bday and relaxing. It's fuggen hot here!

  5. Damn it! Now I have that freakin' song in my head! Anyways, hope you'll have an awesome weekend!

    Liesl xxx