Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just for fun

On Instrgram this morning I saw this little baby floating around on and figured it'd be a good one to post! So here goes

1. Relationship Status -  In a relationship
2. Instagram crush - Rahh..I dont have one?
3. Obsession? Im going to change this to Obession(s) - YSL, my family, and junkfood
4. Why my ex is my ex? I couldnt trust him towards the end of our relationship
5. Celebrity Crush? Kourt Kardashian
6. Favourite sports team? - Essendon Bombers!
7. Who I trust?  My family and my closest of friends
8. Favourite song "Hot right now!" Noo Idea who its by.
9. Favourite thing to do? - I couldnt pick just one.. I love doing so much! Anything fun!
10. Confession - Hmm.. Trying to think of something good but.. All I can think about is this week I broke D's iPhone headphones brought him some newbies he goes "these look alot cleaner?" and I go "I know..I cleaned them for you!" haha..Now he thinks Im the the #1 Girlfriend..haha perlease! 


  1. hahahahaha sneaky sneaky... love it, praise and all!

  2. Love your confession - how funny that he didn't even realise!

  3. Love Kourt too ! She is such a strong girl that doesnt take any Shat... !!!