Friday, February 10, 2012


I need to get back into a routine and feel better about myself - the past two weeks have been crazy busy and I havent been able to get to the gym, go for a walk or have alot of me time! So now excuses no more. This time each month is my "bloated" week. Dislike but now thats over I still feel gross and want to get back into things again..Health and Fitness we meet again.

I love nothing more than a good cardio work but nothing compliments it like some good tunes! I picked up an old Womens Health magazine that I had and started reading it

They listed some awesome tunes that I'm downloading as I write this! Fat Lip - Sum 41 LOL some of these bring back my teenage/school day memories.

Food now lets get down to the important stuff - I haven't been eating bad but Ive just been eating to get me by and if I'm feeling emotional I'll just binge.. Worst! Up until last year I would never eat breakfast as I couldn't face food before 11am I just wanted coffee Ive slowly worked myself to eating SOMETHING for breakfast an that's generally either a protein shake, fruit or a quick bowl of cereal without the milk (Yes I'm weird!)

I came across some ideas for breakfast and this was one of them, I remember last year I was addicted to Bagels for a week..I even blogged about it. So I'm curious to try this one out..It sounds yum but also weird at the same time.

I generally don't snack on rubbish because we don't buy it and at night will more often than not eat Almonds with D curled up on the couch if im feeling hungry but generally as a rule come 9pm and my tummy just shuts up and doesn't want to be fed lol - but I came across these other ideas too.. Sliced Strawberries sounds so good! Cannot believe I haven't thought of this before now. 
The idea of popcorn sounds delish too. 
I have such a love hate relationship with popcorn yes it tastes better than life its self but its such a b!tch to get all of the little bits out of your teeth afterwards - This is where my love for floss comes in

So starting Monday Im going to hit my body like its never been hit before, Im going to do a 1 hour cardio session at the gym after work and put together a healthy eating plan over the weekend do a huge shop on sunday and go for it! 

I need motivational so you all best motivate me!!

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  1. I vow to motivate you :-) I have signed up for the 12wbt so I start 'hitting my body' on Monday too. We can do it!