Wednesday, February 15, 2012


12pm came.. 1pm came.. I thought Oh..the boyfriend has forgotten about me! but then at 2pm our receptionist came in the front door carrying a bunch of red roses! Yay

I love this kid bucket loads!

Yesterday at work it felt like it went on forever! I just wanted to get home.
5pm came and I was out the door - D had made dinner plans for us at one of our local fav resturants in Port Melbourne and I love it there so my tummy was calling for it! We decided that we werent going to buy each other presents this year but just go out for dinner and spoil ourselves silly.

I wanted to wear something red but I wore a red dress to work so opted for Bright Blue (Instagram ruins the colour in the photos!) Skinny leg jeans teamed with a white blazer & Black shiny top!

We had a booking for dinner at 8pm because D works like clock work and must go to gym after work regardless of what day it is - Knowing him he will be late to our wedding because he will be sweating it out in the gym haha..I Joke I Joke. (I hope!)

So..Guess what we did for dinner? All dressed up we hit up Nandos!! ..Its rather funny because its such a "us" thing to do.  Afterwards we went out for Dessert - This was Amazing! I felt so fat leaving but it was so worth it.

So much chocolate but so freaking good.
We went for a walk along the beach after this the weather lastnight in Melbourne was perfect it was balmy but so relaxing there was such a goodvibe out and about on the Streets.

When we got home I gave D his card he looks so happy.. Perhaps he thought there was something inside?! haha

We realised later that night when we went to put my roses in a Vase that we actually didnt have a spare one! So we improvised with a Maxwell&House Pasta Holder! Ta..Da!

Tell me about your Valentines day!!?

One sad thing about yesterday which I realised at midnight lastnight was..While we were being all loved up walking along the beach I was missing out on the seasons return of Packed to the Rafters! Im making a reminder on my iphone to somehow download it tonight haha lame I know!


  1. Sounds like you a had a great night - the dessert looks amazing! We ate leftovers and watched TV, the romantics that we are ;)

  2. Beautiful roses! That sucks about your dinner booking. One of the reasons I detest going out on Valentine's Day! Glad you had a great night anyways :) x

  3. Aww it looks like you had a great valentines day! :)

  4. cute!! Despite the dinner booking, it sounds like it turned out perfectly for both of you :)

  5. Naaw lucky you! Sounds like everything worked out in the end! How generous of the restaurant to give you the voucher and that desert is right up my alley.. The more chocolate the better!!

  6. I love the fact that you went to Nando's thats such a J and me thing to do! Last night we sat in bed eating pizza watching MKR and then he left. I will blog about during the day though. It was such a unique idea with what we did. I am wanting to leave work today too. They made me move my desk - I felt like such a loser having to move everything and then being kicked out next week. Oh well. Such is life I guess.

  7. Okay. Do we work in the same building?!

    The florist dropped mine off at 2, and had another bunch with them... coincidence?!

  8. aw glad you had a good valentine's day
    i missed packed to the rafters too! even though i wasn't doing anything lol
    ben rafter (hugh sheridan) is so cute. he's even cuter in person! I met him at a fox radio party last year
    apparently he's leaving this month though :(

  9. Love the outfit, so cute!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  10. Lucky you! How cute!
    See you again soon!
    Flower Show