Sunday, February 12, 2012


I woke up at 12.45pm today.
Hahaha I felt like the laziest little sod when I realised until I turned over to see D still snoring away. I havent slept in like that since I was about 15 - Then I realized it was cloudy outside and though eh whatever no big loss.

We hit the markets and despite missing out on all the good stuff we still managed to get some decent food and at good prices! As I said I planned on killing my body in this coming week so I had to go to the markets with a shopping list.. Which I had until I gave it to D and then when we arrived I asked him where he had it and he goes "what shopping list?" so there you go. Mental note - never take a man shopping. We went to coles an the first thing I saw was a huge box with a $2 label on it.. I realised what It was and dragged D towards it. His face said it all and he set off to go and get the more important things and left me to search the box.

I ended up buying only 2 I brought Honolulu and Watermelon.. I tried the watermelon one just before and so far so good! Love it the colour is really girly and I couldn't believe how quick it dried?

Its so good having a man carry home all of your shopping!

We got home and had a HUGE clean up or should I say out? It feels so good being able to sit down, chill out and relax in a clean house (apartment) we really need to clean out some more things or being more productive with our storage - the lounge room and kitchen are fine but then wham once you hit the bedroom, bathroom and laundry its like coming onto the the monash free way on a week day morning its total chaos.

I'm sitting here relaxing and D is filling out his BMW customer survey which he only just received despite buying his car nearly a month ago. From the day he put down his deposit to the day he picked it up was only 3 days and he was told that the car would be kept on site for a detail, yet when we picked up his car it had done 300Kms.
Some dealerships are really dodgy.


  1. I LOVE sleeping in too. :)
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    xo Vivian

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  2. omg $2 nail-polish! which coles did u hit up?
    I really like that berry-coloured on the bottom right

  3. It sounds like you had a pretty productive afternoon though! I woke up around 9am and just lazed around allll day haha.

  4. Since when do they sell ulta3 at Coles?! That's crazy! I was just there today and I didn't see any :( boohoo.

    1. I had never seen it before either, but this one was at Coles in Port Melbourne :)

  5. I swear I have seen these at Woolise too?? If they actually last and are nice I might have to give them a try! x

  6. Nice one! God I only wish I could sleep like that, just one morning would be pure bliss!
    Ulta3 Watermelon is one of my faves. So summery.

  7. Ooh so many bright pretty colours! And any nail polish that dries quick has my tick of approval xx

  8. Sweet Lord!!! I gotta get to Coles New World ASAP!!!

    Bargains!! I want the watermelon baaaad!

    Meanwhile, WTF? 300kms??? That's terrible!

    Best Wishes for Operation Kill-That-Body!

  9. I love weekend lie ins, me and the bf would wake up at around 1pm and then have a gorgeous brunch followed by a walk around the city. The nailpolishes look lovely.

  10. I love those nail polishes. They are taking over the world. First I only saw them at BP service stations and now they are Coles and Woolies. I wonder where they will turn up next!

  11. It is good having a man carry all your purchases!! hahah



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  12. That box with nail polish is killing me a little. You were so disciplined to only reach out for 2!