Monday, February 13, 2012


Oh I'm glad I read this post - I'm in my second year of studying Commerce this year. I'm also interested in working in HR after graduating.. do you have any tips on how to get a job in that industry? I'm not sure whether I should be looking for an internship at the end of second year or not.. I have no idea! If you have any advice or feel like sharing your experiences, I would really love to hear it! :)

Sue over at Left a question on my post about careers and I thought I'd make a blog post about it.

I'll try my best to answer your questions! I did a Degree in Commerce and then majored in People management and Human Rescources, 3 years later I landed my first Graduate position which was working for a world wide engineering company. My first job was really nothing based around the theory that I had studied for however many years prior. It was more about policies, working across procedures and so much god damn paperwork! It wasnt until my last 3 months of my position that I got exposure to recruitment. Thats when I realised thats the area I wanted to head into.

If you speak to anyone who works in a recruitment agency they will all tell you that HR and Recruitment are too diffrerent things and that they are BUT it all depends on how you work it.. For me my role now is working in the Internal HR Team but I focus on Recruitment and structures for the business so for me I still class my Industry as HR because it is.  What type of HR do you want to get into? There is so many umbrella's asuch in the HR Tree - Being a HR Generalist is a good medium that was my role inbetween my grad position and my role now - I loved it as it was really varied and had exposure across all areas. It gives you a choice to be exposed to alot of different areas that Human Rescources covers off on and also allows you to know what you dont want to get into either.

If you havent had any previous experience or exposure to the industry (and thats fine because youre still studying) then at the end of your course I would jump onto SEEK or even look at some of the bigger name companies who are willing to take on HR Trainees and there you'll find out what its really like and if there is any areas that you want to specialise in and also the industry that you want to specialise in also. If your love fashion try and get into some of the bigger brands that support training and development - even by sending your CV and a Cover letter explaining your situation to their HR Department - that can go along way.

One of the girls that I went to Uni with she is now a Training and Development Coordinator at one of the large fashion houses in Melbourne, so its like I said there is so many different avenues that a "Commerce/HR" Degree can take you but the best advice that I could offer to you at the moment is getting yourself out there and experiencing first hand how you find it, learn as much as you can, ask as many questions as you can and also network!! Dont go out there with the attitude that now you have a degree you want to earn the big bucks! Of course you do but experience takes time and with time and experience comes the money.

Goodluck & If there is anything I can help with dont hesitate to ask!


  1. Good post, I'm sure people starting out in your industry will find it very helpful xx

  2. You are amazing for taking the time to write all this!! I never expected such a lengthy and detailed response, thank you so much :) This is great advice and general info. I'm not sure about specifically which area of HR I'm interested in - like you said, I'll need to experience it all first hand and then I'll have a feel for what I would be most suited for. It's so great to know that there are so many different pathways for my future as well. I really appreciate this post, it's definitely opened up some new perspectives for me. Thank you again!! :)

    1. You're so welcome babe! Goodluck with it all & let me know how you go :)

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