Monday, September 5, 2011

Days until

Busy times ahead for this month and I think my bank account is already hating me!
Thankgod for being on a shopping ban otherwise I dont think i'd have enough $ to eat!

Dims birthday is coming up on the17th of this month - Last year we went away to sydney together (we had just started dating at that stage!) we totally spoilt ourselves by spening a weekend in the hilton (costing around $800 per night!) with a spa over looking the city and .. it was amazing! So this year I thought to myself I have no idea what to get him or how to top off last years birthday. Ended up jumping on red balloon and purchasing him a front seat ride in a v8 super car (I think its 8 laps at high speeds) (He has a HSV at the moment so I thought it'd be good to give him some of his own medicine!) Im super excited to see his face! I know he will love it and best of all.. I think he's thinking Ive brought him some socks or something!

We are also celebrating our one year together - Time goes so fast!
And last but not least the most dreded of them all the big move! 18 days to go! - Must start packing/cleaning.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make packing less stressful?

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