Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain rain go away!

                                 The last 24 hours I should have been wearing gumboots!
This is how my morning has turned out
7.20 get on the bus
7.30 bus breaks down
7.35 get on replacement bus
7.50 get off bus and walk 2 blocks to work

Rain starts to pelt down lucky for my trusty umbrella, couldn’t really say the same for my tony bianco flats I was wearing stockings with a skirt and by the time I had walked only half the block my stockings felt like massive flippers and I squelched all the way to work! There is an IGA around the corner and from my work an figured my hairs a wavy mess I may as well just head around the corner and buy some new stockings, their selection was shocking! (I feel like I currently belong in a burlesque party!)
 Grab them pay the dodgy guy behind the counter his $6.50 and left.
For all you Melbournians following me you’ll know that when it rains King St gets flooded
 I stepped out of IGA only to be met with a HUGE flying puddle of water – The gutter was over flowing with water and each time a car speed past woosh up goes a gallon of water and… Yes lucky me.

I felt like I experienced my first sex in the city moment.

Got to work changed my stockings, re-did my hair and makeup and even had a mr.bean moment trying to dry myself with the blow dryer in the bathroom (Hahahaha..!)
NOT the best start to a Thursday – Bonus its pay day today!


  1. Haha I have tried to dry myself with the hand dryer in the bathroom many times! I duck my head under it to dry my hair, but I'm always scared my hair is somehow going to get sucked up into the nozzle...
    Stupid Melbourne weather!

  2. ooohh no!! It's raining here in Brisbane too :(