Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch some Zzz's

I need some serious Zzz's this weekend I feel as though all this lack of sleep is catching up with me!
Yesterday 4pm came and I felt like I had hit a brick wall!

To make to worse today at work we are having some professional photos done for our company website ..Doh! Seriously I look like Ive been hit by a bus!

 Love love love my new favourite breakfast find!!
I never have time to sit down in the morning and have a proper breakfast during the week
I came across this the other night at the supermarket!
Love. Love. Love!

Does anyone else have any other quick/healthy/yummy breakfast suggestions?


  1. I eat a fresh organic orange for breakfast at work and sometimes I will have a gluten free breakfast bar also ! That gets me through til lunch time :) What area of work are you in BG?

  2. Ooh.. Yes I went through a stage where all I was making for breakfast was fresh juices in our blender.. But then I got over it lol! I'll make a note to myself!

    I work in HR..Not the marketing's teams best choice to make us do company photos today ha! :)