Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hit the snooze button

This post comes with a big yawn! and a skinny lattee on hand -  I have had NO sleep - (ok so I have slept but its been a minimum!) Work has been making me put in crazy hours - There is so much going on with the move packing and planning and trying to work with realestate agents who are listing our house but on a level of 1 to 10 he has the motivation of ZERO and last but not least the actual move (cant you tell im dreading it?!)
10 days to go!

I got home lastnight after bootcamp to discover our internet has been cut off early (D spoke to them only 3 hours earlier that afternoon to have the date changed because we werent going to pay for something when we werent using it! and by that time it should of been transferred across to our new apartment) Next minute you know its gone.. Gah! Pure frustrations. I spent 20minutes on hold to get onto someone in their call centre who I could not understand so I hung up!- So sadly no more posts until we get to our new place and I have FULL internet access - (Im posting this one from work!)

D's birthday is coming up in Sunday - Super excited to give him his present and see his face!
We are heading out to dinner on Saturday night in the docklands I cannot wait Ive been to this place only one other time - the food is amazing!

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  1. I feel you on the no sleep front (and I had a skinny latte on the way to work also!). Damn internet! Hope it gets sorted soon xx