Monday, September 12, 2011


Ive been learning Greek for about 6 months or so now with some help from D and all of my greek friends!
Its possibly one of the hardest languages to learn - esp when they all talk so fast 
ahhhh! But then he possibly thinks the same about my family ha!
Czech meets Greek!

Do I have any Greek followers?


  1. ahhhh i'm going to start learning soon for my soon to be greek husband- babybluez (sorry my login doesn't work lol)

  2. Me I am greek ! Ill give you free lessons when I move to Melbourne if you like haha :) P

  3. Babybluez - Goodluck it's fun to learn but pwoah it's hard lol!! & Ms.S be careful I may just take you up on that offer! Any luck with the house/job hunting?

  4. Nothing yet :( I really have to get my ass into gear ! I am totally serious on the greek lessons too and ill even add greek cooking in for free hahaha

  5. KALI MERA!! TI KANIS?!! MOU ARETSOU!! that last bit my lover taught me hahaha.... waaah xxxxx