Monday, September 26, 2011


The move – Its over over overr
Where abouts do I start?! I took Friday off work (D couldn’t get time off) and spent the whole morning sitting there looking at my cupboard thinking to myself is this even possible?! (Jokes!) I was so brave I did the biggest wardrobe cull I had been selling bits off on eBay for the past few weeks but then I got crazy busy at work and just didn’t have time to sell off the rest sadly, but someone is going to be a very happy kid when they walk into st.vinnies!

17 boxes!

I was so proud when I assembled the first one all by myself (D gave me a demonstration before he left for work..pfht!)

By 3pm I was exhausted with a capital E I had cleaned out both mine and D’s clothes, shoes and had the bedroom was emptied! I felt like a kid in a candy store because I found things I thought I had lost/thrown then I got sidetracked by all of my clothes So I thought I would share a few of my favorites.. (Ok it’s really just two pieces because I didn’t have a lot of time to take blog photos!)

I brought this ladakah dress at the end of summer last year I ADORE it – Gorgeous detailing around the neck and it’s short and flowy ..Perfection.

Mossman – I brought this top at the beginning of this year only to be totally disappointed when I pulled it out of the washing machine to find Sequins EVERYWHERE – D was still finding them in his work pants weeks later.. Opps!

D finished work around 5.30 came home and helped to pack up the remaining of our bits and pieces before heading out to dinner (Nandos..Oh so romantic!) But I wasn’t in a position to argue I hadn’t eaten all day and was starved! We then ventured out to the airport to pick up D’s little Brother who had come Down to help us move (And to go to the Soccer!) – By this point I was almost snoozing in the car!

Thank god for his little brother and D’s friends with their muscles because I had no chance of lifting half the furniture! We ended up rocking back to Port Melbourne around 5.30am – After a few 7/11 stops along the way to grab red bull and whatever the boys could find to eat! – D is in the middle of his “Shredding” season and all the 7/11 food is “Unhealthy” so he brought himself one of those little Chicken slices – LOL men..I turned to his brother who was scoffing down a meat pie – Hard to believe they are related!!!

We slept until around 8am (Yes.. 3 hours!!?) Jumped up and headed back to Richmond to finish off cleaning up and taking the last of the bits and pieces back – We had our open house at 1pm Lucky we had finished the final clean by 12 and went for lunch around the corner. – Walking zombies by this stage!

         All the time we had been living in Richmond we never noticed this café on the corner of Burnley St  The food was amazing!
Strong skinny latte’

                                                                   Spanish Omlette
                                                                  Dont mind if I do...

Yes Please!

Went back to our new home around 4pm after dropping off the removal truck.. and D’s little brother went to the Soccer (Saturday night!) and D and I went to get some Zzz’ around 7pm woke up at 10pm and finished unpacking the rest of our things! Feeling a little less like zombies we pushed on through and ended up back in bed by around 4am – Slept solid until 10am when we got woken up by D’s little brother who decided to bring home some friends! (Hmmmmm!)

Sunday was spent relaxing – We couldn’t face another box and went out for lunch with D, his cousin, little brother and two of my friends on Acland Street
Gelati – Yes please!

Now here comes the highlight of my weekend – We needed to get D’s little brother back to airport as his flight was leaving at 6.25pm we were stuck in traffic in the docklands at 5.45 (He hadn’t even checked in at this stage!) D flying down the freeway just to make it on time – The V (D’s little brother) HAD no idea where to go at the airport D dropped me and V (That almost rhymes!) at the doors and I grabbed V and we sprinted through the airport (Must of looked rather funny as people couldn’t help by turn around the look!) at this stage it was 6.05 and his plane started boarding at 6pm we got stuck at security for another 5 minutes and then they decided to swab me for bomb traces! (Phft..Please!!)

                   (Drum roll please..)
All ended well and V was on his plane with 2 minutes before the doors for boarding shut.
I was left there trying to catch my breath lol!

Lastnight D and I got things in order for this morning and then went to bed nice and early after he cooked up a mean pasta to help with the lack of energy I was dealing with.
Carbs ...Carbs..Carbs!
So glad it’s over ..the next step is to Unpack the remainder!

Its fair to say this morning Im sporting some pretty huge bags underneath my eyes - If only they where considered to be the newest fashion accesory!

Will post some photos of the apartment when its not looking idential to a squatters hideout!


  1. love this series of photos! very insightful!


    Bang & Buck

  2. How much does moving weekend suck? I have nightmares about it!