Friday, September 14, 2012


Its been a week since I posted..Opps! Especially since I posted numerous times last week. Life has been crazy busy and it doesnt help that Dim has been sick for the past 4 weeks - but thats a whole different story.

I got a letter in the mail this week confirming my classes for conversion.. I'm excited but nervous I'm not too sure what to except but come Oct 4th I'll be on my way to converting to Orthodox!

At the moment I am obsessed with pastel colours and i've noticed some of the trends coming out for summer are all pastel and floral - personally I dont dig floral all that much tho? but pastels yes. which explains my recent urge to update my O.P.I collection.

I resorted to food earlier this week for comfort haha (worst habit!) but also was able to re-live my childhood..TINY TEDDIES! I used to love these things.. my mum would never let me have them but my dad and I would always sneak them into the shopping basket! I eat the ears first then the legs, do you have a special way to eat tiny teddies?

I love OzSale but without fail there will always be a delay in my products reaching me and whenever I contact them I get the same email from Alexia saying that there was an issue with stocklevels - I am still waiting for 2 perfumes I brought about 10 weeks ago.

Its Dims birthday on tuesday and like an amazing girlfriend that I am I went out to twitter to get some suggestions on what I could buy him - I know he's wanted a watch for some time now so that came into my mind but holy hek which brand was I meant to buy!? 
Last night I went to MYER and decided that I could re-stock his wardrobe into "home clothes" and then "clothes to wear in public with Holly" But no.. I ended up going with the watch
Yes I am a good girlfriend.
 Its also our 2 year annivsary on Thursday.

Ps: I have been eye-ing off a full button/sequin dress from One teaspoon for a about 2 weeks now its $399.00 - Yes that's my problem but I want it.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Oh lovely OPI collection! I love Elephantastic Pink.
    Happy Anniversary for Tuesday, I'm sure he'll love what you got him, I hate shopping for hubby.. he has everything already.

  2. Omg one week, dont stress :) I am travelling and i literally struggle to fit in three a month! Plus blog posts are much better when you actually have something to say rather than just for the sake of keeping up to date! How addictive are nail polishes it seems like you can never have enough, good collection btw. Loving your blog girl. P.s good call on the watch present, bfs are SO hard to buy for.

  3. I want your OPI nail polish collection like right now.

    Does Dims read your blog? Won't he know what you got him?!


    1. hah well he's been temporarily banned from reading! :p