Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been using MAC now for about 2 months - At first I loved it but now im not so sure.. (Does this sound familiar!? I was using Estee Lauder for about 3 months before I changed to MAC) Ive loved it so far but Ive recently started to feel its too pink for my face!? Should I go a shade lighter or should I change my brand? Is it bad for your skin to swap your makeup every couple of months?
On Saturday morning I caught up with Sophie for breakfast we went to Velvet Bar on Bay Street in Port Melbourne - We had youghert and seasonal fruit - I was feeling lazy and wanted mine mixed into a smoothie I asked the young kid what "seasonal fruits he had" his response was "Um.. I think there is apples..and banana..oh and also honey" Yea probably NOT the answer I was looking for.
Sophie being less lazy than what I was.
Below is the product of my laziness.
It was SO good so I couldnt complain - Who says being lazy doesnt pay off?
We decided to take on IKEA which was evenful but fun.
We discovered that IKEA had little basket holders/trollies we pulled this half way around the store until we realised it was making an awful noise and we picked up a dodgy clunky trolley so we ditched it.

 IKEA always provides laughs.

Lastnight I made the best stir-fry - So good that the boyfriend didnt eat his share so I've packed it in my bag and I'm having it for my lunch today - Chicken, Carrots, Broccoli, Bok Choy, Onions, Cashews and best of all soy sauce!

 Its Dims birthday tomorrow - I'm excited.
Happy Monday


  1. I felt the same way about Mac - used it for a while and then just felt like the colour wasn't blending as well as I had thought.

  2. the fruit and yoghurt looks yummy!

    followed you xx

  3. I have the same issue with Mac!! Everytime they put it on it looks great but when I do it myself the colour seems off - i"m sure its my application though. Do you use a Primer etc? What shade do you use? I think mine is NC40. Think i'm going to switch too! They probably provided you with a foundation with a pink base instead of yellow? Go for another consultation and see how you go!

    - KK

    1. Mines NW15 (So different from yours!?) But I just lookd at your skin colour its NOT that different from mine!? I think I need a new set of brushes too.. I used to use a Primer but not anymore.. do you think I should go back and do so!?

    2. I think you should definitely go back and advise them of the issue and you think it's a bit pink etc! Mac always looks fantastic- it's worth the shot! I'm sure they use something else to get it looking great as well. Good luck!


  4. I change foundations often too, like shampoos..!
    I use MAC, Estee Lauder, Bourjois and now I bought Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and haven't touched my foundations in forever.
    Have you tried primer or even some light bronzer over it? I use NARS Laguna (I think) which is good for pale girls so it doesn't make you look OTT just evens out the crappyness of the foundation.

  5. Love IKEA! Love love love. I keep going there to pick up something for the new house, and just getting lost for hours. My boyfriend always hurries me along, but as long as he gets meatballs he's happy!

  6. I find MAC's foundation really good. I would stick with it, you should get the MAC girl at Myer or DJ's to show you the right colour. I hate going to IKEA with every fibre of my being. Too many slow people and prams bashing into me. And too hard to find the exit to get out of there. Rant over!

  7. Happy Birthday to Dim !!!!
    AAHAHAAH I promise I will never ever make you go to IKEA ever again!!!!
    My lashes look epically long in that photo! Good work Holly ! hahahah

  8. Oh also tip from my housemate being an ex pro MAC make up artist... she says that picking up a bottle of "strobe" cream" this will blend the foundation easier :)

  9. I used that MAC foundation for about a year and a half before switching to Laura Mercier silk creme and I much prefer it. I love wandering around IKEA and seeing what they come up with.