Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yesterday was Dims 25th!
Poor kids getting old.. ha I reminded him its only 5 years until he turns 30.

I blew up a number of balloons on Monday night - Its actually hilarious how much "balloon tennis" two adults can play AND it doesnt get old haha!  Dim woke up at midnight and reminded me that it was his birthday and that he was now allowed to open his presents, I told him he was delusional and to go back to sleep.
I am the worst at wrapping presents or picking colours
We had a quiet night in last night ordered takeaway and spent the night on the couch watching rubbish TV. Which was perfect because D still isnt well.
I finally got my Ozsale pefumes the other day delievered to work!
Lolita smells SO amazing and I think I've found anew signature scent.
Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary I cannot believe its already been that long.
Friday night we are going out for dinner to celebrate both his birthday and our two year.. not sure were we will go yet, any suggestions?


  1. Congrats on the anniversary. Whats your budget? That might help but a few of my Melbourne faves are:

    -Ezard (expensive)
    -Coda (mid range)
    -Grossi Florentino (expensive)
    -Red Spice Road (mid range)
    -Chin Chin (cheapish to mid range) but you can't book

  2. Congrats on the anniversary! Balloon tennis is so much fun. J and I are still playing with the 36 balloons that litter our apartment floor from his birthday last week. Who says getting older has to be boring!


    And yay for anniversary! My mind is drawing a blank when it comes to recommendations (not sure why - it's Melbourne, there are PLENTY!) but I hope you have a fantastic timeeee! xx

  4. Congrats on the anniversary! What did you get him!! I want to see!
    What is your range and what cuisine do you feel like? Do you want somewhere around our area?

    - KK

  5. Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary!!!! We went to Aspro Blu for ours and loved it, i'm posting my review now - as good as yiayias apparently :P xx

  6. There's this really cool restaurant down the road from my place. You should DEFINITELY check it out soon. I can book you guys a table for tomorrow - how does that sound?