Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have been addicted to Shellac lately I used to be crazy about it and then I'd get sick of the colour and realised I was stuck with it for about 2 weeks.
I go to Feeling Smooth in Port Melbourne the girls there are lov-erly and just never shutup its just chat chat chat lol! So lastnight and I had my nails shellac'd with "Cocoa" which is the one next to the very dark brown on below! it looks caramel in that light but it's actually not..  and it looks nice on!
Whats your favourite Shellac colour?


  1. I love Tutti Frutti (bright pink) and Rosebud (soft rosy pink, very subtle). I love Shellac - my nails have been lasting for just over 2 weeks and still looking nice.

  2. I have only had Shellac done once and it chipped off within a few days - the nail tech said it was because my nails are oilier than most people but I am suspicious that it was just bad application. Haven't been game to get it done anywhere else because what a waste of money if it does it again! I agree - I want to see a pic of your nails! :)

  3. I love shellac! I do it myself so when I get sick of the colour it's no big deal. Removing it is a rather tedious task but well worth it. You can get kits for under $80 on eBay.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I need one of those nail polish display thingamajigs!
    I've never had Shellac done, not sure if it's in Kenya :(
    Then again I haven't been looking.

    I second Babybluez.

    So shall I book you and Dims that table for tomorrow? Seriously, you're gonna love it.