Sunday, May 6, 2012


Usually I go on about my weekends, Neh not this time - It wasn't anything too exciting Saturday we went to the footy I was super happy Essendon won by 67 points but it was such an easy win!
We had such good seats! Went out for a quick dinner afters (in the rain) and then headed home to have a lazy, quiet night in watching movies and getting fat on carrots & hommus.

What are your thoughts on fur?
I have lots of faux fur items - I'm not one for wearing dead animals, but I have noticed since the weather has been shocking and I've started to drag out my fur items to play, some of the looks that I get in public? Yesterday I wore my fur vest to the footy and I got several dirty looks from an elderly lady, now this could of been for a number of reasons haha but I'm guessing because I was wearing fur - Have you had this happen to you?

I'm curious  - Would you ever wear REAL fur?
I'm in love with Pinterest - Do you use it?

I love May there is only 17 days left until my birthday - I think I've told everyone that knows me hahah and I'll tell you the same now ;) I LOVE Birthdays, Its an excuse to get cake and just be happy for 24 hours haha I'm one of those people that gets exciting leading up until midnight, goes to sleep from staying away so late and waking up realizing its my bday haha.. 


  1. I find it really strange that everyone is fine with leather (animal skin), but not fur. I only have fake fur, but I know Wish had a beautiful rabbit vest last winter that sold out almost everywhere. If I got my hands on it I would have been fine wearing it! Definitely prefer it to be fake though xo

  2. I own pet chinchillas so I would never wear fur. It takes a few hundred animals to make a coat so I'm not a fan :p

    I have pinterest but also love tumblr...

  3. i wrote an essay response and i acciently deleted it haha. i'll re write shortly! xc

  4. I would wear faux fur, but never the real stuff. Makeupandpearls is right...very sad =[

    Ooooo how exciting your bday is coming up =D


    1. Ohhhh! How good was the Essendon game! I was so thrilled. We also went to the Hawks game as my boyfriend is a massive fan, so it was a two-win weekend for me at the footy!

      Fur is always a touchy subject! But then even a lot of the people opposed to fur eat meat or wear leather or use some sort of animal product. It's always hard to say!

  5. i just bought a faux fur vest yesterday, i think theyre cute to layer ontop of long sleeve tops...but those big faux fur jackets are a little weird.
    i wouldnt wear real fur no would feel so strange to be wearing an animal!

  6. I love the fur thats in the shops at the moment! I wouldnt wear real fur though.

    I dont use Pinterest, but I have something similar, Pinspire. I was obsessed when I first found it. Then I realised there was Pinterest, but it was too late. Cant be bothered having two.

    x Eve

  7. I almost bought a fake fur vest from Valleygirl the other day but couldn't quite decide if I liked it or not, but it was SO warm!! A great footy item for sure :)
    And as for Pinterest, I am addicted!! I can spend hours looking on there and "pinning" things!
    Donna x