Friday, May 4, 2012


Thank god It's Friday!! I have had such a busy week and I've had such busy weekends leading up until this weekend - I was so keen for a quiet and relaxing weekend but tonight after work when I met up with D I discovered he had ticket for tomorrow's football game! Yey but then I found out it was for the medallion club - double YEY.. If we are gonna do this - lets do this in style!

I've never been in the medallion club area before, but I'm told its the best seating AND you have to dress super nice - Just in time for my shopping ban to end eh? haha I Kid I Kid.

The weather has been so bad here this week so tonight after work I wanted to go out and find a nice new winter coat because my one from last season.. is well last season and I dont like it anymore ha! Would you believe I spent nearly an hour and a half walking around South Wharf DFO and couldn't find a damn thing?! So I'm reaching out.. hahaha where did you buy your nice coat from this winter?

I had nandos for dinner - So bad but so bloody good now I'm at home sitting on the couch chillaxing in my hoodie and trackies - sipping on some T2.
Thats the life!

Happy Friday 


  1. I got my coat from Forcast also drooling over one in Bardot at the moment - even more because it's half price!

  2. ..what is a nando? i'm not sure if we have those here in the US!

  3. You can finally spend and couldn't find anything.. Always the way...

    You're Nando's makes me jealous!