Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This whole post is dedicated to my mum - Some of my long time followers would know that when I was younger I lost my dad to the worst disease out there Cancer. I was 16 at the time - Looking back on it of course it was dark days but there is one person who has stood by me through out EVERYTHING and I cannot express even in words how much admiration and love I have for my mum!

She was there when I didn't want to speak about things, She never gave up when I would I felt like giving up, She was there when I stooped down to the lowest weight I had ever been, She put the grief she was feeling from loosing her parent of 21+ years aside so she could be strong for me and my brother - She was the one who helped me through some of the worst times - and when I was 16 and dealing with loosing with my dad I didn't appreciate any of what she did for me and it's only now that we have a whole new relationship that I can truly say she is purely amazing and there isn't enough words out there to show how my mum how thankful I really am!

I dont live with my mum she lives 4 hours away and I love when she comes to visit because she will cook an clean for me - "over" mother me but I wouldn't change a thing!

Not that my mum will ever read this post, because mum lets face it - You struggle to deal with sending a text message hahah.. let alone turning on a computer but here's your own little shout out on my blog!

The reason for this random post is just to vent some thoughts but also keen to get some good mother days ideas for presents? What will you be doing this year?


  1. Oh, this post is just lovely. Mothers are the best.
    As for mother's day mum doesn't ever want anything, so I'm just gonna make her breakfast in bed/give her flowers/make a nice card. Something like that anyway :)

  2. This post it so touching Holly!
    An amazing bunch of flowers will be nice and a beautiful card. Maybe take her to a high tea? If she is that type?
    Or maybe a basket of all her favourite things and a great photo of you two together in a beautiful frame that she can keep.

  3. Such a sweet post.
    Try to think of something she's wanted for a while but wouldn't get it herself maybe

  4. what a nice post. i'm so sorry for the loss of your dad - i can't imagine.
    but you should print this out and send it to her. :)

  5. i got my mum a little Fossil coin purse that I know she'll love. I'm sending it to her in the post as I don't live close enough! :(

  6. What a gorgeous post. I know we all love our mothers, but sometimes we forget to appreciate them as much as they deserve!

    I was naughty, and accidentally booked a weekend away for Mother's Day! It just didn't click at the time, and I can't change the dates! My mum isn't too fussed about it, but my boyfriend's mum has been throwing in snide remarks here and there!

    We're seeing her this weekend anyway, so I'm going to try to head to the shops tonight to find a good gift for her to hopefully make up for it!

    Definitely think you should show your mummy this post! I bet this will be one of the nicest gifts you could give her! :)

  7. What a lovely post :-)

    I agree with the printing it out thing, except I think a handwritten letter on beautiful paper would go down a treat.

    As for mother's day, I'll be celebrating with my mum this weekend while I am in Brisbane, the biggest gift my sisters and I will be giving is our time. All 4 of us girls with no boyfriends around and no distractions (and hopefully no arguing) and taking her out for lunch or a picnic (weather dependent).

    So I think letter and taker her out with your brother. At this age our mums prefer to spend quality time with us rather than get 'stuff'.

    Oooh or even just the two of you and a girly day with manicures :-)

  8. This is a beautiful post dedication to your mum Holly :)
    It's funny how youth takes almost everything for granted, it's not until something hits you and hits you hard is when you realise how grateful you should really be for having certain people in your life.

    Even though she won't see this post you did for her, I'm sure she knows how special she is to you :)

    Lola xox

    P.s - Does your mum even know what a blog is ? I'm sure my parents/aunts/uncles would look at me with blank faces if I ever tried to describe to them what a "blog" is and why I have one hahaha fail. But your mum may be the hip kind who may know the sort of things that are available these days.

  9. what a lovely post holly <3 I don't think anyone appreciates their mum like they should when they're a teenager - I know I certainly didn't, to me she was this annoying person who wouldn't let me go out all the time! but when I left home I realised what an amazing person she was in my life, so I always try to appreciate all she does for me.


  10. Beautiful :-) I'm sure your mum already knows how much you love and appreciate her xx