Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday was my the conclusion of my crazy bad ass shopping ban.
Jan 1 I commited myself to a shopping ban so I could
a) Save some money
b) Pay off a debt that I wasnt even aware that I had.
I struggled so bad in the first month because all of Jan sales flashed infront of me like neon lights.
I was seeing everyone buying nice things and I was like "Nooooooo..."
I have a really bad habit of buying things online or in store because its either on sale, new in stock or I just like it when I see it or I'll buy multiple of one colour - which is the worst ever... honestly.

5 months of pacing myself, telling myself no and having D keep on me on track by telling me horrible horrible things hahahah.. I have completed my shopping ban! I have saved a chunk of money and feel really good about it! Ive had some people say 'Ooh what are you going to buy next!?" I actually dont know I feel like I dont even want to spend my money after I've seen that saving is actually healthy for my bank account.

Im keen for a new Michael Kors watch.
Watch this space LOL

Shopping Ban
Greek Catchism Class
Greek Lessons

Now I've started a little list going and I'm now on a roll - I have sent off my application to kick off my Orthodox conversion classes - Im nervous but feel super excited.

I needed to start work super early this morning and by early I'm talking about 6.30am - The weather here in rubbish today, the trench coat, faux fur scarf and tights came out to play once again today!
 I have an addcition to Marc Jacobs  - Daisy
I brought this baby out on my desk to cheer me up - Im so in love with the smell.

What are some of your favourite perfumes?
and no this isnt to add to my shopping list LOL..


  1. YAY! Well done you :)

    The good thing about shopping ban is it gives you that glow about a healthy bank account and you kind of get used to it as a lifestyle, rather than a "ban" type thing.

    So it helps kerb your unnecessary spending, and you can still buy stuff but it makes you stop and think "do I really need that?" before you buy! Yay!

  2. Wow 5 months shopping ban! Well done! I really need to have one myself.
    I love Daisy too but my close friend wears it all the time so I don't want to steal her signature scent. I've got way too many perfumes but I reach for l'eau par Kenzo, D&G L'Imperatrice and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle the most

  3. I really need to do a shopping ban! UGhhhh clothes are my weakness

  4. I have that one too it is soooo nice. As for Greek classes, I started 3weeks ago. It is so hard to keep it a secret from A. When I was drunk on my birthday I ordered an ouzo in greek and he was like "ey, who taught you that" - I made up some story about google lol.

    CONGRATS btw that is awesome. I wish my bank account was healthier.

  5. I still can't believe you did it... So much commitment..!

    Good luck with the classes :)


  6. D&G light blue.. OMIGOD my fav schmell eever!!!!!!

  7. wowza - that's amazing! i'm on a ban for the month of may.

    i love escada scents :)