Sunday, April 29, 2012


Friday night consisted of D driving back to DFO South wharf because earlier that day he had brought some new shoes to go with his suit and for some reason he didn't check the bag before he left - I get a text message from him while he is at the gym telling me to have a look at his shoes and see if I liked them, I opened the box.. they looked very small so I sent him a text.. haha and before he I knew it he was rushing through DFO to find the bloody store to go back and get the right size.
Somehow regardless of shopping with dim or shopping for dim its always painful. HA!

We had to be at the airport around 9am I ordered one taxi and two arrived - Hows that for service?

Jeans - casual as casual can be.

I'm so bad at packing at the best of times - But I kept reminding myself I was only going for 24hours but I kept thinking of things I needed to pack and then last minute almost forgot my dress - Fail.

The wedding - The Groom was one of Dim's best friends from high school - Boy was I excited about meeting all the kids he used to hang out with at all. Our Plane was delayed leaving Melbourne "as they had engine faults" which wasn't too comforting haha, but we arrived 1 hour before the wedding started had a very quick lunch w D's parents then I headed off to get ready.

Considering I was attending a traditional catholic wedding I didn't want to wear my LBD to the church I ended up buying a green top from Mossman paired it with a black bandage skirt and my gold belt - I posted a photo on Insta.

The church was beautiful - easily 150 guests but we had good seats! Poor Dim he had never been in an catholic church and he got pretty sick of the sit stand kneel, offer a sign of peace, sit, stand kneel thing haha!

I think D was more interested in the cars - he kept saying "Make sure you take photos of the car... like more than 1 OK?" Bless him.

After the ceremony we went back to Dims parents house to relax spend some time w the family and get ready for the reception.

D's Yiayia and myself.


The reception was at the DaVinci Club - It was decked out, so stunning! With double the amount of people that where at the church I was gobsmacked I dont think I'd been to a bigger wedding in my life (And let me just add I'm dating a Greek ha!)- It was at the reception I got to meet at the high school pals - The stories that came out, my oh my.

Repping table 4!

The Bomboniere- Coated Almonds - Yum!

How beautiful is Gabrielle (Brides) dress? Her Aunty hand made this little baby, the bodice is just amazing this photo doesn't do it any justice but it was just divine.

We got back to Melbourne at noon today
Crazy rushed but such a fun 24 hours!
How was your weekend?


  1. llooovvveeee your outfit so simple but pretty.

  2. Im going to end up saying I love every picture in this post lol

    I really love your jeans!! where are they from? they fit you soo well!!!

    And I love your LBD, you look gorgeous. Such a nice figure you have! And i would also like to know where it is from hehe =P

    Love the way they decorated the reception.

    1. haha they're an old pair of jeans!! I brought them from Cipo & Baxx - they make such good jeans! x

  3. Ohhh also, my insta is veronica_romina
    What's yours (sorry im sure you mentioned it before, ill check your posts)? or just add me and ill find out hehe

  4. Your jeans are so nice, look like a perfect fit :)

    The wedding looks amazing, bet the stories were an eye opener haha

    Your dress looked so nice, also loved the green top on Insta :)

  5. wedding and you looks gorgeous! Did you find out any goss on D? hahaha

  6. That dress is amazing, I wish I had an aunt who could hand make me things like that :-P

  7. You looked awesome as I said on instagram ! :) I had a whirl wind Melbourne trip I cannot believe I am sitting at my desk rahhhhh.
    Two things I did this trip.

    1. I had never been to chadstone. It scares me ahah
    2. I discovered the pankcake parlour.

    Oh dear. Goodbye diet!!!!!!!

  8. What a jam packed weekend ! Sounds like you had an amazing time at the wedding though :)
    And love that LBD of yours, suits you perfectly !

    Lola xox

  9. It looks like you had an action-packed weekend! The wedding looks like it was totally amazing! I totally feel you on getting stressed packing for one day - I seem to pack as much for 24 hours as I would for three days :/

  10. Looks like such a beautiful wedding! Lovely to find a fellow Melbournian : )


  11. Love your outfit and blog :D
    you look great!

  12. Your posts just make me smile. It looks like you had fun! I really like your LBD xx

  13. Love love love. Everything looks fantastic! :)

  14. What is your Instagram username? Would love to follow you!

  15. Wow you look so much like Gabriella from Made in Chelsea! Beautiful :) looks like a great weekend, I love weddings!

    1. Wah I didnt even know who this was so I googled it..haha SUCH a compliment - x