Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Dun Down (Now Im trying to make that noise when things fail and then I stopped and thought how the hek do I put that into words!?) Hope y'all understand what I meant ha! I had some birthday plans the weekend following my birthday (My bday is mid week) and the Saturday following I had plans to head out with my friends and make a messy night of it - BUT lastnight I got word from my boyfriends family that they are coming to stay on the friday and are leaving on the sunday - now they NEVER come to Melbourne! So what are the chances of that?! Im exciting they are coming it'll be great to see them so the bday plans have been put on hold.

I have to share my newest addiciton with you - I've seen these little bottles in the supermarket for some time now and If I like the shape of something Ill buy it - Weird ha?
Im a sucker for Apple juice and always have been but I recently discovered these its actual Pink Lady Apple juice..

I was super excited when I discovered these and then this is the mother of all mothers
*Drum roll please*

Apple and Strawberry!? It was like I had died and gone to heaven.
Scuse the half drunken bottle but I couldnt resist.

Now there is a little story that goes along with the bottom discovery lastnight around 11.30 Dim turns to me and tells me how thirsty he is I told him to open the fridge and see what jumps out at him!
Nothing - so some more time passes and its after midnight, Im all comfy in bed and then he goes "We need to go to 7/11 So I can buy a powerade" Now because I love the kid, I pulled myself outta bed put on a hoodie and my ugg boots an we drove around the corner to 7/11 I kid you not.

Which is where I discovered the Apple & Strawberry juice - The poor kid at 7/11 must of thought I was weird as I let out a little squeel when I saw it!
On the way home we got pulled up by police who insisted on interigating Dim as to why he was driving a "Black BMW just after midnight" LOL.

Home and in bed by 1am.
Tell me about one of your funny and random adventures?


  1. ahah wtf! why did he need powerade at midnight!!! cray cray!! i love those juices but have to limit myself cos too much sugar (rather have sugar in wine haha)

    the night after my 21st my housemate and i were deleriously hung and decided to go to maccas (we lived in hotham street opposite ripponlea gardens and were gonna go to elsternwick maccas! we left the apartment to get into hayleys car and realised we'd both left our keys inside... we walked to maccas, called the key man, waited three hours till like 2am, then we came back and he tried to let us in but the sound of the machine opening the door sounded like a bed being smashed against a wall repeatatively (haha) and we were pissing ourselves at the ridiculousness of the situation, and then hayley wet her pants. legitimately.

    posssibly the funniest/weirdest situation ever.

    i am extreme laughing as i type this even though its years ago!!!!!

    what happendd with the cops? did they believe your powerade excuse haah xx

    1. ZAH!!!! Hahahaha I'm laughing at my desk! Your friend legit pee'd herself!?

      Dim gets all angry when stupid situations like that happens and he often acts like a smart a** so I had to popped my head over and hold up the powerade hahaha.. He just looked at us weird and told us to "head home and sleep'

    2. yep!!! actually pissed herself in front of the after hours key man on the stairs. hahaha.

      but whyyyyyyyyyy did he need powerade at midnight!!!! haha

      a chick i know got pulled over last night randomly and didnt have her licence on her, the cop tried to give her his number and was like don't worry just come show us your licence at the sataion tomorrow and i won't fine you yada yada... anyways her fiance is a well known crook in that area and well known to that station in particular haha and shes going in there this arvo with him!!! can imagine it being quite hostile with the cop who tried to pick her up hahaha

  2. You're a good wifey! Getting up at midnight for a powerade... Seriously? haha I would have pretended to be asleep haha

    The apple juice looks so freaking good!

  3. You're a better wifey than me! heehehe

  4. Hahaha very random adventure! You really are a good wifey. I dont think I would ever do that =[ how bad am i!

    And yes, I saw from your Instagram you're a bit of an addict to this juice! hehe

  5. I freaking looooove those juices! Love the granny smith one, strangely it tastes a little bit like dirt but in a good way x