Friday, May 11, 2012


Pwwoah Friday has come around so bloody quick! This week has by far been the busiest week for me at work yet - We have had some HUGE changes happen since Monday morning at our morning meeting and my role has changed due to a couple of people leaving the business - Its fun but so draining and find myself not leaving work until 6pm each night! - (This has been my excuse for not gyming! ha!) It has been prision of late and realised this when I received this text from my gorgeous friend Jacqui.

I asked D to finally book in the goldclass movie tickets that we had been sitting on for a good month or so now, He comes back to me and tells me that he's booked it for 11.45 and I go.. 'Awsome.. wait you mean 11.45am?" and he goes "No!!.. Like midnight"  Ugh. hahaha! We are going to see the avengers and I hear that it goes for a good 2 and abit hours? Nothing like rolling out of movies at 2am haha!
Apart from this I have requested we do nothing else this weekend besides sleep and get fat on food that will go straight to my hips!

Whats your weekend plans?

In other rambling news
Sadly I didnt win the $70M that I had already planned out in my head - Private Jet flying to my very own private Island white sand blue water - beeming down sun, getting a cray cray tan, 12 month trip around the world, brand new maseratti..

And as I was going throught the numbers on my ticket this started to all fade away and found myself back on my lounge back in my apartment and the tv going off in the background. hahahah - To tell you the truth that was the very first time i'd brought a ticket I didnt even know what to ask for - felt like such a ditz!

I brought this bag online from Topshop but me being me didnt bother reading the measurements and the other night it arrived I realised it was probably a little bit bigger than I would of hoped, so now this little baby is on ebay... up for grabs!

Happy Friday!


  1. love the outfit! i know... mirrors...the biggest love/hate relationship i have!

  2. haha we have a friend is MIA during the weeks... come Friday night we get all our questions answered in txts, sounds like you :)

    I was excited to go in a lift the other day and said to S "we can take a lift shot like everyone else!" (so lame) then when the door closed... It was not mirrored. So much excitment for nothing!

    The bag is quite big, but it's nice :)

    haha hopefully you don't fall asleep in the movie! At least it'll be in comfort if you do!

    Have a good weekend x

  3. I have a few ebay handbag fails too, they're all just sitting in my wardrobe though.. Have a great weekend! x

  4. Love your outfit! You look amazing and aww your friend is just the cutest haha :)

  5. lol at my work we got a tatts ticket as well and they asked me to check the numbers and see if we won...and im like hehe.. okay.. *WTF DO I DOOO!?* i felt like a ditz too haha.