Monday, May 14, 2012


I think all of Dim's dreams came true on Saturday afternoon when I asked him if we could go car shopping - I think its the happiest he has ever been to be honest with you.
I've been on the hunt for a car for a while now and havent found anything that I'm comfortable buying we went past BMW on Kingsway and went and had a look at the Mini Coopers personally I think they're adorable on the outside but I dont like the Interior

I posted this photo on Insta and asked if anyone else had one - I got some pretty bad responses that they are bad to maintain and cost alot of money in repairs?! Ew no thanks!

We then went across town to South Yarra Volkswagon - I have had my eye on the new polo for a while now and there are so many of them about - They look chic, classy and sporty we had a chat to this down to earth car salesman (yes they exist!) so I am looking at a few options there until I set my eyes on the ultimate Audi A1 this thing is the cutest thing out! I'm currently looking at finance options.. I want to buy myself a new car for my birthday so hoping to find one sooner rather than later! But I'm so fussy.

While in South Yarra we went to Chapel St and brought some cupcakes and flowers and headed home

We had goldclass booked for 11.45pm later that night we headed out for dinner before hand and then spent another 20 minutes trying to find parking near crown - Nightmare!

Im not one for boy movies but Avengers was so good! I think I would of understood it more from the beginning if I had seen Thor or Captain Amercia but it was awsome, and not to mention doing it in style.. Gold Class baby! It was heaven.. Apart from the fact that people buzz their buzzer every 5 minutes and order something.. and because D and I where sitting in the back row near the door it kept open and closing but eh! But if you havent seen it ... Go See!
We got home around 3am on Sunday - Rebels.

Sunday was mothers day and neither of our mothers are in Melbourne so we sent them both some flowers and D and I spent most of the morning in bed, out of the rain and staying warm before we caught up with his cousin for a late coffee.

I had the lousest sleep lastnight D has come down with the Man Flu and we all know the world comes to an end when a boy is sick! After a long night of playing wifey and staying awake with Dim while he watched stupid movies I crawled into bed at 4am only be awake by 6am this morning.

I've mentioned this before Dim hates candles but I love them I thought it was cute yesterday when he lit up this candle and turned to me and said "We can light this one for a while, because it smells good"
hahahah Oh Men.

Hope ya'll had a fab weekend



  1. Man flu is the devil. I would happily have the flu myself rather than put up with Mr.B's deadly flu that nobody else gets but him.
    I'm booking Gold Class for hubby to watch Avengers, hate boy movies but this looks pretty funny.

    Love the countdown for your birthday haha, I do it all the time and drives people nuts. Worst part is I start the second the new year starts... 4 1/2 months countdown.

  2. yay new car!! mum recently got a new a1 and its awesome. she'd had her a3 for ten years and she is in loooove with the newie!! polo's are good too but they can be a little squashy. you lucky thing being in bed yesteday morning. i was in the torrential rain being sodomised by the storm at camberwell market. woe is me

    1. Oh you crazy girl!! Oh tell your mum to call me haha! What colour did she get??

    2. she got "amalfi white" its sort of a creamy white.
      she'd had the fire engine red A3 for years and it was the shiz,. but i love this one!! she got a great deal too - she walked into the dealership and the same guy who'd sold her her A3 (it was his first sale ever!) was working and remembered her and yeah.. she did well.
      its a dream to drive! x

  3. Sounds like an invitation to buy some new Glasshouse Candles to me ;-)

    So are you getting the Audi?

    1. Depends on what finance I can get, I didnt really want to spend over $30K

  4. Wow, what a busy weekend, especially your Sunday!

    I love the VW Polo! make sure you post what you get as soon as you get it!! =D how exciting for you =]

  5. I'm sad to hear you got bad reviews about the mini cos I've always wanted to get one.. Boohoo.. Why don't I have all the money in the world?!

  6. It is so exciting buying a new car, just be careful with finance. I bought a new car 5years ago and they depreciate so quickly I would never do it again. Yes, I haven't had any problems wityh it, but it would still cost a lot to get a new car with anywhere near as many features as my current one (if that makes sense). I would look at leasing options next time, you can get them which include cover for any damage and all you petrol, then after a year BAM another new car - sometimes it is even cheaper to pay this then the repayments on a loan.... of course it is totally up to you, just another thing to think about I guess?

  7. audi a1 is really cute! good choice :) i got a new ford fiesta a few months ago and i think thats a pretty awesome car too...its really economical and drives quite well! and its not too expensive.

  8. The Audi A1's are gorgeous! We got a new car last year, we were looking at Mini's, but they are so expensive compared to what you can get. My bf wants to see The Avengers and I was saying that he should go with the boys but maybe I will give it a chance! Also, how sweet about the candle, I love them too!

    joanne from