Monday, May 21, 2012


Its Monday and it feels like it should be Friday - I'm exhausted!
We had Dims little brother come and stay with us over the weekend, he came down to Melbourne to watch his favourite soccer team play at Etihad, I personally dont dig soccer and I dont get what all the hype is about but this kid - lives and breathes the stuff!

One word for these guys is crazy.
I know the Olympiakos fans in Greece go cray whenever their team gets a goal and they light flares and scream and yell and hit drums and jump up and down and chant etc.. I didnt actually believe it UNTIL I saw it with my own eyes..hahah I wanted out!
During the national athem someone from the Melbourne Victory crew light up a flare - Too Funny!

Good part was that we won - Yey

Dim and I had plans to go home have some food and then go to the movies with his little brother but instead I find myself at Kinisi Live in Richmond (Greek Nightclub) and sorry if this offends anyone but this is the worst place I had ever been to in ma life! Vasili and Dim went off to find the Olympiakos players because Vas wanted signatures which left little ole me standing there in my fur coat and heels thinking, "where is the door!?" It wasnt a nightclub that I was used to but a traditional greek nightclub with men buying $300 dollars worth of flowers in a bucket and throwing them at the 40 something year old milfs dancing on stage. I was approached a 30 something as soon as D left my side and I couldnt really follow the conversation as it was a mix of a strong woggy accent, scotch and something that was rattling louder than a washing machine, but I think he was asking if I'd like a drink.

An hour later they came back smiling and yes they'd gotten signatures
Home time!

Vas couldnt wipe the smile off his face! - We went out for a quick drink on Fitztroy St before ordering pizza and heading home around 4am! I felt so fat after eating pizza - I hadnt eaten it yonks, but it was soooooo good.

Sunday I made the boys wake up around 11am otherwise we would of slept all day! The weather was amaze and I wanted to get out amoungst it - Sadly I still had a cardigan on and boots the sun was good but the wind was chilly - I hate this kind of weather. god dammit gimme the sunshine.

Our lease on our apartment is ending in about 4 months and we've started looking around to see what else is in the area (We arent looking to buy just yet, and will probably rent for another 12-24months!) I found an amazing apartment right around the corner, our place now is FAR too small an we both agree we need out.

Does anyone else have a small apartment and find it hard to decorate?!
I've found what works best for me is small slim pieces that take up no room (because we have none!)

This is my idea of decorating hahahaha.. Ah bless me.
Anyhow enough whinging because *drum roll* 2 days in ma birthday!

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  1. Ohhhh I will help you decorate!!! I just helped decorate all my friends apartments ! LOL Then I go back to my bedroom in my grandmas house LOL awww... ahahahhahahahahahhahahaahhh KINISI LIVE = worst place in the FREAKEN WORLD EVER. You would not find me there everrrrrrrrrrrr I felt sorry for you during our phonecall ahahah you sounded so violated ! LMAO

  2. I like your idea of decorating, I have to start doing that in our apartment.... was that your bedroom on instagram? looked fab!

  3. Birthday birthday soon! YAY

    How lucky for him to get all those signatures!

    We are hoping to buy soon, and I cannot WAIT to have a space of my own to decorate and reno and do whatever I want with!

  4. I like your idea of decorating!!

    I know, I cant beleive its already Monday..I need more sleep =[

    Wow, you're birthday has come around soo quick! Have you found a car yet?


  5. Hate looking for places to rent, either too small but modern or big but pretty fug. Event though I don't mind the smaller places I buy way too many decorations.. and don't get me started with Christmas, if it can't fit a huge tree it's off the list!

  6. I cannot believe that they left you on your own for an hour in a club. That shit does not fly with me.

    1. haha YEAH! It wasnt their finest moment, but I also said "I aint going to be pushing through the crowd" so it was like "take it or leave it' lol.. and they left me haha.. More so from D's little brother - typical Gen Y ;)

  7. wow that club sounds HILAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That club is hilarious! I'm with onika... 40yr old MILFs dancing on the bar... What on earth!