Sunday, May 27, 2012


Sundays are always so doom and gloom knowing you have work the next day!

This weekend we had Dimitri's parents in town they arrived around 6.30 on Friday night they where meant to be getting here about 4.30pm but due to his dad's excellent navigation skills they ended up on Chapel Street in Prahran and not our place in Port Melbourne, so if any of my followers are melbournities you'll understand they went way left of field hahah.

I'm going to start w the most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend - I brought my Audi!! I went to test drive one and that was it - I fell in LOVE but I had a limit on what I wanted to spend I stood by that and the guys at the dealership actually worked with me on price, which was amazeballs! I was given a GREAT offer and knew I wanted to say yes, so we went and had some lunch near by with dim and his parents I thought about it and then went back and left my deposit!
Yep, me a brand new audi A1 OWNER - yeayyyyyyy! It arrives in Australia on June 10th.
(Should I start another count down? ha ha I kid I wouldn't do that to you!)

This is the audi on the show room floor but mines the same!

Saturday was spent mostly car shopping, but on Saturday night in between the rain we took D's parents and his brother (who may as well live with us as he is here that often haha!) out to Williamstown for dinner, Afterwards we went to his aunty and Uncles house and that was the end of the night - as D's dad got WASTED (hahah was the funniest time) w D's uncle.
So while they kept drinking, out came the food and off came the shoes.

 D and his little brother

Baby George - I remember going to his 1st birthday and now he's grown up so so much! He's so blooody adorable.

Like I said lots of food - A typical Greek family night!
The middle is strawberry and cream - So good!!

Me and D's dad - He's a bit wasted by this point haha!
Ignore the frizzy hair - that's what Melbourne weather does to me.
Around 1.30am we decided that enough was enough, so much alcohol had been consumed by d's dad and little brother as well as his uncles etc.. we called it a night - D wasn't drinking so he was designated driver and drove us home.

This morning was a bit slow in our household, his dad was still feeling the effects of how much he had drunken last night when he woke up - We decided to grab some breakfast/coffee from Max Brenner in South Melbourne

I LOVE this place.

Coffee hit.

How cute are these? I wanted to buy some but I didn't - Proud?

 A little damper on our morning when we got back to our car we had a note left on our window saying that they had witnessed someone reverse into our car and not bother to leave a note, luckily there wasn't a HUGE amount of damage done to his parents car but it was a huge dint, the witness left their number so I called it. She was just inside the coffee shop as well, came out and re-capped what happened, the car that hit us was still in front parked there so I left a note on their windscreen saying "Thanks for hitting our car, you can expect a call from our insurance company"
This frustrates me people who think they can do this and then just not even leave a note!?

Fun weekend, but I'm dead tired an SO not ready for my busy week ahead.
Any weekend goss for me?!


  1. Love all the pics, you always remind me of Jennifer Carpenter. Love the car too

  2. Woooohooooo congrats on the car choice!!!!! Glad you had a good weekend and that you are comfortable with his family !

  3. YAY on the Audi!!! Most important, what colour did you get??? Glad it wasn't this that was backed into..eeek!!
    Ive never been to Max Brenner ya know, I need to a-sap though - it has my name written all over it!

  4. What a sexy new car!

    Love the family pics!

    And Max Brenners = AWESOME but I always leave in a bit of a sugar coma...!

  5. CONGRATS!!! You must be sooo excited. It's great that you now have another thing to count down to lol xx

  6. How exciting, a hot new car - nice one!

  7. Yay for your new car :-) sad face about D's parent's one.

    Glad you had a good weekend :-)

  8. wow that was nice of the lady to leave a note... and lol @ the note you put on the offending car's winscreen! nice. people cant just hit other peoples cars and pretened it didnt happen!

    congrats on your car! its cute! how much was it (if you dont mind me asking?)?

  9. Congrats on your first car! Excellent choice there!

    Reading your blog makes me miss Melbourne so much. It's hilarious that your boyfriend's dad ended up in Prahran instead of Port Melbourne. What a fun family weekend you had!!

  10. Congratulations on your car - Mr BB's sister is getting the A1 and we drove one around when our car was being repaired and it was a great little runabout! Car shopping is so stressful - we have been umming and ahhing about our new car for six weeks. SIX WEEKS! We finally made a decision though - we're getting the Mercedes ML, yay! :)

    Max Brenner is the greatest thing ever. I used to go there every Saturday with friends when I was in my teens, so tasty, so fattening! x