Wednesday, November 30, 2011

weird weather brings weird things

Yes im starting off another post complaining about the weather - I really shouldnt but I will.
Lastnight was a shocking night I got hardly any sleep and that was with the air con on full blast with vents right about our bed! - D slept like a log.

I think this weird weather is making weird things happen! I was sitting at my desk this morning.. when all of a sudden my key board stopped working!
Notice anything different?

I was left without a keyboard for 20minutes until they located one..  In my mind I was thinking I was going to get stuck with some old crabby one with cobwebs etc.. I was provided with a brand spanking newbie! I love it!

Its so soft and makes NO noise when Im typing it almost feels as if there are gel cushions behind the buttons.. It didnt stop there they also gave me a new mouse to match.
Thanks IT!!
I love love love recieving parcels in the mail
Half the time I forget Ive brought something so it comes as a nice suprise

It was my iphone4 cover that I ordered from E-Bay last week.
I was expecting it look a little bit darker but ohwell it only cost $7


Yay for hump day!


  1. I love getting parcels too! Nice iphone case, which seller did you use? I tried to buy a pack of 5 not too long ago, the ebay police emailed me and told me they weren't authentic, that i should cxl the order :(( It was nice of them to tell me but damn.. i really wanted them!

  2. The weather is a bit weird, but I'm hoping that there will be heaps of sunny days soon! I really like your necklace and top, the print is so pretty x

  3. Blue is such a great color, and I adore your necklace. :)

    xx Jessica