Monday, November 28, 2011


Mondays are not fundays.
After having Thursday and Friday off work last week I logged into my computer this morning to see a lovely 88 unread emails with a  number of those striked as "High Importance!"

I skipped lunch today due to the amount of paperwork I had to catch up on.. People I had to call back and emails that instead of replying too..I trash canned. This little cup has been my saviour

Strong skinny latte'

Weekend re-cap!
I got back to melbourne on Saturday with lame weather, half hoped for something decent on sunday and decent is what I was graced with.. Hooray!
Started with a un-intentional sleep in until 1pm (Opps)
D and I went for a walk around port melbourne and down to the beach before jumping on a tram and heading into the city and seeing what Crown had to offer - Sexpo was in melbourne this weekend an it was hilarious to see the amount of people who went to it purchased something and then tried to hide their purchases behind other shopping bags!

I wore my Alice McCall crouched white top
Blue flower necklace and my bettina liano black skinny leg jeans with tan wedges.
Im really loving wedges.

We got home lastnight and I was feeling creative I decided to make Paella - but my style!
It tasted sooo good even if I say so myself.

Im starting to freak out as I recieved my first client christmas card today.. Ah I havent even thought about christmas all that much except booked my tickets home.. Has anyone else started their christmas shopping? If so.. Feel free to do mine! ;)


  1. That blue flower necklace is stunning!!! Where is it from?

  2. Where would we be without the makers of coffee?!!
    Its always my fix too!
    Love the necklace and Alice Mccall top.
    Hope you had a great weekend away!

    Angie x

  3. ugh i hate mondays too. cute blog :)
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  4. I am just starting a bit of online Christmas shopping. Know how you feel about mondays. I am in USA and we just had a four day holiday with Thanksgiving and there is just only so much 'family time' you can take so today I think I'll take it easy! I love that blue necklace. Can I get it online?

  5. Mondays are never fundays!! At least it looks like you had a good weekend & that Paella looks yummy xoxo

  6. that necklace is gorgeous!!


  7. Aaaaaaah coffee! Your monday sounds JUST like mine!

  8. That blue flower necklace is amazing! The colour is gorgeous

    Lovely to find another Australian blogger :D

    -LAURA xx