Sunday, April 22, 2012


While Dancing with the stars drains my life and runs over time as usual - I thought I'd do a post.

Saturday we went to to football at the MCG We went with 3 of D's friends and mind you they are all Carlton Fans, but me all decked out in my Essendon Jersey stood loud and proud. Go Essendon Baby!

 Everyone thought the Blues where going to smash us but pleaseeee no chance! haha I had a few of my friends go to the game too and up until the 1st quarter I was getting text message saying how bad essendon are going to lose but needless to say I didn't get another text from them throughout the whole game! Ha Suckers!

The sun was INTENSE I actually got a tan!
Food at the footy is such a rip
1 coke zero - $4.50


 We went to Spice Market and rolled home about 3.30am - I woke up with the biggest headache this morning I kid you not. I feel so old haha

 I met up with D as he needed some help shopping - OKAY if any of you have been long time followers you'll understand my pure frustration when it comes to shopping with him, We went to BIG W in QV as he wanted to buy some new singlets and socks and whatnots.

After 10 minutes of standing there LOOKING at what singlets he has to chose from he decides to pick one up "What do you think of this?" I a little too quickly said "Its perfect, buy that one!" he looked at me and put it back. Not Impressed
He then decided he didn't want any singlets and went to the sock section I told him I'd be back soon and did a lap around the store giving him some time to make his choices, When I come back around he goes at the top of his voice "where did you go?!" which empted this old man to start laughing and tell D that "Women are no good to shop with"

After 45minutes in QV we left.


  1. I have a no shopping rule with Johnny - I buy he wears. He is impossible to go shopping with ..... LOL

    YAY BOMBERS LOL !!! I was going to bet 50 bucks arghhh I should have.... not that I usually bet !

    Love the dress of yours too !!!!

  2. Yumm that macaron looks so good! What flavour was it?
    Anyway, it sounds like you had a pretty fun weekend. Not gonna lie, your shopping stories with D never fail to make me laugh since I know that I can be pretty indecisive too, but it must be very frustrating for you haha x

  3. Your dress is amazing!

    D, D, D - haha I would so stop shopping with him, he is worse then a girl :)

  4. That is a lovely dress ! :) And those macarons look devine !!!

    Lola xox

  5. Wow that dress is fabulous! P.s I feel your pain when it comes to shopping with men... My bf wanders off all the time and it drives me crazy! x

  6. Awesome dress and funny story about shopping with D... A won't go shopping without me so I have no choice, but I have been caught out like you too with the "that's great get that!" wayyy too soon lol.

  7. Cute blog:)

    The '91 Ridges Club.

  8. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X