Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Melbourne's weather has been a joke! I feel like wearing gumboots to work as my shoes arent liking walking in the rain and then sitting under my desk at work trying to dry..

I woke upto this the other morning

Not Impressed - Out came the trench coat - I kid you not. Yesterdays weather was by far the worst 14 degrees and rain rain rain, I was faced with this when I got downstairs.

I managed to make it to the bus stop when I was standing there the rain came down even heavier - If that was possible and "call in sick, go home and jump into bed" was running through my mind but I soldiered on - I swear that EVERYONE freaks out as soon as it rains, people try to jump the line when waiting to get on the bus - why bother? you're going to get on their eventually. (End Rant)

Waiting at the bus stop like a boss!

Monday night after work it was yet again cold and miserable I went home and chilled out with Candles, I LOVE Candles but D doesn't like them so any chance I get when he isn't home I'll have them lit  - They're so relaxing and smell amazing.

I brought a new gold belt to wear to the wedding this weekend - They're the newest craze they are metal at the front and then leather around the waist and the back at first it felt really weird but I soon got used to it - I decided to wear it to work yesterday and got a few compliments - yey winning! Still have NO idea what I'm wearing this weekend.

Do you like?

I received my nail polish from the Revlon OzSale yesterday - I wasn't expecting this colour to be SO Pink but it's alright.. I also brought an apricot colour and deep purple.

This morning I went down to Bay Street in the freezing weather to get some things for breakfast and picked up these gorgeous Lilly's to help lighten up my gloomy apartment. I adore Lilly's they always cheer me up - The lady gave me a discount as they where from yesterday - Winning!

I always confuse myself when we have a public holiday in the middle of the week, how about you?


  1. Love the metal belt, I think I need to get myself one!

  2. i love lillies too ! My always die really fast so maybe i'm doing something wrong, le sigh ! Sydney has nice weather today, but it's a little windy xx

  3. Love the belt! Weather has been so bad, especially yesterday. I don't mind taking the bus everyday but when it's raining I absolutely hate it, especially, like you said, everyone pushes in like crazy

  4. I feel like its fricken Sunday night - then I forget I am going to Melbourne on Friday! Eek Time to pack!
    I think my moving plans have progressed too !!! wooooohoooo

  5. a public holiday? gah you aussies are so lucky! we have to wait until may for our next one... :(

  6. The belt looks great and I love the colour of the nail polish :)

    Wednesday Public holiday is messing with my head!

  7. I love the belt and want one too. I also have Lillies sitting in our apartment right now - snap! haha

  8. LOVE the belt! Where's it from?

    Its so strange the middle of the week public holiday! Felt like a weekend, but the best part is we only have two more days left of work before the REAL weekend!

  9. I bought a belt the same as yours and then the hardware on my LV bag scratched it the first 10 minutes I had it on so it was ruined :(

  10. Ugh. So sick of this rainy weather. I got absolutely soaked on ANZAC Day. Please sunshine, come backkkkkk!

  11. Oooh, I really like your belt (it looks so good on you). Where did you get it from? x