Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello Lovers! I'm Back - I hope everyone had a lovely, fun and safe Easter.
Personally I have been in a food coma since Friday of last week hahaha so I'm keen to get back into reality and back to the gym!

Note this post will be heavy photo orientated!

Thursday at work we got given loads of chocolate - Especially this little guy.. I thought he was too cute to eat, but that lasted until about 8pm Thursday night and I caved in and bit him - So good! How cute is he?

Friday morning we got up nice and early and headed to the airport - with a taxi driver that asked us four time if we where sure we wanted to go the airport. We arrived about 11am and for once I didn't have a baby on board who was crying their little lungs out.

I have previously had the worst luck - I had my water and reading material all ready to go!
The Greek invasion (I say that with love) started from about lunch time when one side of D's family came over for a catch up and that's my earlier memory of not being in a food coma for the whole of Easter - So bad but hey with wog parents you cannot say no!
Around 3pm the worst dust storm came across  - I enjoyed that not one bit! It was shocking.

It was D's dad birthday on Saturday and for a 55 year old this guy can move - See below a photo of him kicking a football, I was abit worried he might injure himself but no chance of that!!

AFL's up and coming goal kicker hahaha.. We showed D's mum the photo and she didn't see the football and turned to his dad and goes "Are you doing yoga??" Funny lady.

We went out for coffee and Breakfast on Saturday morning for his birthday for some reason all the boys ordered triple shot espresso's and the rest of us ordered Latte's - Such good coffee!

D's parents - They're adorable

Saturday night we had a gathering at D's parents house and after a day of some personal family drama (which I wont include) it was good to just chill our relax and drink baby - we also brought some baby hot cross bun macaroons which went down a treat - In Love

Most of our time was spent with family socializing, eating, eating some more, visiting some of D's old high school friends - We are heading back in there 3 weeks time for one of his friends Weddings (Mentally scanned my wardrobe when I was told!) We also caught up with some old family friends and the grandparents.

Sunday night we got home from D's yiayia's house around 10pm and his other grandparents wanted to come over and say goodbye etc.. so at 11pm last night (With a 6am plane to catch this morning) We sat there and had coffee/wine and biscuits and spoke about 101 random things hahaha.. 

This photo was taken well after our bedtime so ignore the drowsiness.

Little sleep, tired eyes and a body that craved coffee off we went to the airport at 5.45am! - Ouch

Front row seats - It looked so peaceful although I just wanted my bed.

We landed back in Melbourne about 7.30am and I could not believe how freezing it was!! Then on the way back from the airport it started to rain and then this afternoon it hailed! Typical Melbourne
It was great to visit family but its always so good to get home after a break away.
It wasn't Easter for my boyfriends family as Greek Easter is coming up so I consider myself lucky that there wasn't the normal amount of food up for grabs lol!

Some idiot has too much time on their hands and for the past 4 weeks or so my Facebook has been hacked into about 5 times now, I dont even know why they bother? They dont even do anything while they are on there.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter - What did you end up doing?!


  1. Wow looks like you had a pretty impressive Easter!

    Good to see we get to see your pretty face in a least one pic :P X

  2. Sounds like you had a nice busy Easter! Its great catching up and spendng time with the family =]