Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Despite this morning crawling out of bed, seeing a cold 8 degrees on my iPhone I was dreading going outside, I dug out my scarf and off I went to the bus stop. Such a champion.
Lastnight I felt so ill going to bed but decided to do another wardrobe cull and said goodbye to some of my Alice McCall pieces - If you've been following me y'll know my sickening addiction to her items.

I'd like your thoughts on something that happened to me this morning when I arrived at work.
We are in the middle of an office fit out I knew we would of been having some people come past the office to do some measurements and whatnot over the weekend. I have photos on my desk of me and my friends (Boyfriend included) and some other junk eg; flowers ect anyhow I get to work this morning and find someone's business card on my desk - Didnt think too much of it until I noticed there was something written on the back

"Call me cutie"
Do you find that highly unprofessional or just lame? He would of seen photos of me on my desk and decided to leave me a business card so I would call him.. Personally I find it just creepy LOL


  1. Hahaha I think that is pretty creepy and unprofessional but funny as!! hahahaha. And kind of flattering hehehe =D

  2. Creepy. Though if he was cute I'd probably change my mind lol.

  3. Unprofessional. Lame. Creepy. All of it!

    How weird.

  4. Oh I adore Alice McCall, and I can see you being a big lover of hers, but who could blame you ? ;) Her clothes are amazing :)
    I think that card gesture is flattering but completely creepy !
    It's freaks me out to think that strangers could be gawking at my photos at my desk while I'm away from it ! :S
    What a way to start out the work week after the Easter break ! haha


  5. CREEEEPPPPY!!!! hahahahaha but I guess you can just take compliment? LOL.

  6. Way creepy. Just the feeling of being looked at unawares...

  7. Creepy AND lame. What a weirdo.

  8. OMG - very unprofessional and creepy!

  9. 4 degrees in Romania sweetie :(( would you like to follow each other?:X

  10. ummmm I would put a card back on his desk of yours and go

    " thanks but no thanks x "