Monday, April 16, 2012


To any of my Orthodox followers - Happy Easter!
Two weekends in a row filled with family and good food I almost feel spoilt but aside from that I also feel the effects around my waist - yes hello jiggle!

Weekend re-cap.
I have a wedding coming up on the 28th of this month and was only told a week ago - perfect ha! I wanted new shoes but am on a shopping ban then I remembered I had some credit for an online store in the US which I hadnt used. I brought these stunning Jessica Simpson pumps for $60AUS and they arrived within a week I was super impressed and they are stunning! (Im not sure if i'll wear them to the wedding now that Ive seen just how mega they are!)

totally un-related but look at this one thinking he is some type of model
Sadly he wears his trackies EVERYWHERE! Does anyone else have a boyf that does the same? Somedays I have to lay out some jeans on the bed so he will actually wear them!

Saturday morning I found some motivation that came from one of my stunning followers on Instagram and she said "Think about how you'll feel after your workout - compared to how you'll feel if you dont go!" and so off I went for a run along the beach the weather was absoutley stunning and perfect I had my music pumping and went for a good hour

D was working all day saturday so after my run I went  and got my eyebrows done and went for a coffee and pick up some breakfast - When I walked in the door and our local barrister who usually yells out my name and smiles, looked up and his facial expression said it all - my short hair has failed me - Shame!

Saturday night the boy took me out for dinner to Madonna's there food is so good but its such a chilled out place to be! (I know I think all food is good but sheesh this food was good!)

 My Date for the night - Cutie.
Then we headed to the movies to watch 21 Jump Street  - Hilarious if you havent seen this please do!

It was orthodox easter this weekend and after the movies on Saturday night we went to church we didnt go to our local church in South Melbourne because we where in the Richmond area but tomatoe/tomato.
It was my boyfriends dads name day yesterday and as they live 6 hours away we couldnt be there to celebrate with them and also be there for their easter festivities.
Instead yesterday we went to some of his family that live in Melbourne and celebrated!

Yay for Red Eggs & Biscuits
Negatives for the thighs
but yay neitherless.

I have become addicted to Musashi protein shakes - Strawberry is by far THE BEST! But had to settle for the chocolate one this morning

Do you have any weekend goss for me? :)


  1. loovveee the heels! I have a photo of coloured eggs too :P

  2. The heels are so nice, you should def wear them!!

    hahaha the tracksuit pants! Love it - I don't have this issue at all! I don't think S even owns a pair :S haha at least he is comfy!

    If I had views like that to run along maybe I would run more often you're very lucky!

    Looks like you had a good weekend...

    21 Jump Street is HILarious!

  3. Hahaha my hubby is a huge trackies fan! I wish I had a solution for you but nothing works, except put them in the wash and keep them there for a few days!

  4. Awesome weekend! and those shoes are soo HOT!

    I like your hair! why doesnt the barrister?

    My husband doesnt wear trackies everywhere but he does wear his soccer shorts everywhere!! =/ (he is always hot, so doesnt wear pants) unless of course we go or do something fancy.

    Wow, I absolutely love your dress! I love the sleeves you have better than the original..i would keep it as is! How much did you pay? I would totally use your pictures as an example to get an exact one made. Stunning...i really love it!


    1. The shoes are hot and I adore them but I dont know yet haha :)

      Sorry babe what dress? x

  5. Oohh and me and the H also watched 21 Jump Street on Sat night!! =D

  6. PS... Is that your room D is in? Because it's so nice!

  7. What is it with guys and trackies? Mine LIVES in them and soccer shorts and I have to suggest on some occasions that jeans or chinos would be a better look, hopeless!

  8. Kristos Anesi !! (i hope thats right)
    Love those shoes & your run looks so picturesque, lucky thing

  9. I think you should wear the shoes.
    a. they are fab
    b. you have the legs for them

    Ugh as if the coffee dude was like that - blah to him

    My boyfriend lives in shorts - rain hail sun - Johnny is in shorts. He has the best legs too so thats probably why!

    Totally going to need to try the Madonna place out!

  10. Yay! Happy Easter to you too! I want to be more organise next year and dye some eggs myself.
    Those shoes are amazing! Which web site did you get them from?

  11. happy Easter!
    Your pictures are fun! so are those shoes!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  12. Those shoes, I need em!
    Yes, my boyfriend has a habit of wearing his trackies, or jeans with giant holes in them, or more often that not just wont wear pants around the house. He comes to my house (where other people are present) and whinges on the couch that he cant get comfortable, because he is wearing pants. Seriously?! Drives me mad.