Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Vs Kris

So the word on the street's is that Kim Kardashian and Kris H are getting divorced? Wow 72 days of marriage kim you've really outdone yourself this time!

There is alot of talk that their marriage was a huge publicity stint.. I wouldnt rule anything out celebs do alot of strange things for money, If it was a publicity stunt.. there was alot of effort put into this one!

Im 50/50 Ive always watched KUWTK and noticed Kim often fell in love..sharp and fast so one part of me thinks its not a stunt for her and it was a genuine r'ship failure because looking back on some episodes she is so blind about realistic things! Eg; her and Kris where driving along and she told him he needs to buy a bigger place because she cant lower her standards?.. If D ever came to me and told me this.. Bye Bye D (ha!) I just think there was alot of expectations she put on Kris because she is "Kim Kardashian" after all, So it really wouldnt suprise me if he got sick of her antics and she got sick of him not delievering!

Then there is the other side - All over KK's blog she posted about how many viewers tuned into her fairytale wedding event and how long this took and how much this was rah rah rah.. I wouldnt be blasting to the world about the "statistics" of my special day. A simple thankyou is more than enough.

Either way I wasted a good 2 hours of my life watching her wedding - I wonder if their divorce will make it onto another episode of KUWTK.

So.. What are your thoughts
Fake or Real?


  1. I don't think it's a publicity stunt, but I think it's ridiculous either way!

  2. Ohhhhh Kim and Kris I dropped my blow dryer when I found out this morning ..... I knew it was going to happen but I didnt think it was going to happen so damn soon ! I think her mother meddles wayyyyy too much its like she wants to be KIMMMYYY All that money gone to wasteeeeeeee I honestly think she thought she was in love but then realised she was doing it for publicity more than anything !

    He did put her in her place saying that 4 years ago she was selling clothes in Calabasas and now she is Kim the Princess.. that was classic. I just don't think they ever suited each other to begin with?

    This was only a matter of time !

    Oh and just in time for the next season of KUWTK........

  3. I don't know what it is, but I think it's silly for them to waste all that money on a wedding and than get divorced two months later. Two months doesn't really scream "we tried but it's not working out". But I guess that's just how it is.

  4. Fake. She wanted a wedding, she didn't care who the guy was. If she cared at all, she would have put in more effort than 72 days. And she wouldn't have spent 3/4 of those 72 days making appearances, promoting everything, making overseas trips...with her "husband" nowhere in site. Oh and how convenient that the only time they were together was during filming of their NYC spinoff....
    Don't get me wrong, I love watching all their trashy shows! But this has left a bad taste in my mouth about her.